We’re proud to announce the release of EASY Capture Plus 5.0: powerful capturing processes for electronic and paper-based documents is a key technology in modern document management systems. EASY Capture Plus is the standard solution from EASY for capturing and extracting records and documents. No matter the source, the solution offers transparent document capturing from a single solution that integrates effortlessly with EASY ECM and all the possibilities it offers.

Extensive document capturing options

EASY Capture Plus is a tool with which users can easily integrate automatic recognition into their business processes. Besides capturing paper documents, EASY Capture Plus also makes it possible to capture and process electronic documents. The software offers a wide range of options for taking documents directly from Microsoft Office, file systems, or an e-mail system. It reliably transmits documents to DMS, archives, workflows, or other further processing applications.


Easy to expand

EASY Capture Plus 5.0 maintains the proven technical principles from previous versions. All services use the same processes and configurations for individual services and scenarios. The tool saves the information on the process in the same manner in a centralized database. This makes it easy to expand existing scenarios and use them in other contexts.


Now available in a 64 bit version

The version EASY Capture Plus 5.0 includes wide-ranging further developments of proven functions. Now, parallel to the familiar version in 32 bit architecture, users can also select a version with 64 bit architecture. The new architecture provides a clear boost in performance, especially in server processes. Due to the much larger content-addressable memory, installing the 64 bit version on your server allows you to efficiently process even very large documents. That’s why EASY generally recommends using the 64 bit version. EASY Capture Plus is also available in a 64 bit version for the client side, if the corresponding 64 bit version of the operating system and Microsoft Office solution are also being used.


Design fundamentally reworked

The design of the EASY Capture Centres was fundamentally reworked. Besides general improvements in operability, users will benefit from a noticeably more efficient use of screen area.

EASY Capture Plus 5.0 achieved a clear improvement, in particular, with recognition engines. EASY coalesced previously supported recognition engines for Finereader®, Tesseract ®, and Transym® into one engine. The engine now makes it possible to configure the user’s desired OCR system in a much more detailed manner. Depending on the OCR system selected, a wide variety of parameters are available for adjustment. We also updated the integration of the OCR and barcode systems. This improves the quality of read results significantly in many instances.


Expert mode (almost) redundant

EASY fundamentally revamped and improved the Capture Plus Configuration Center. Updating server services (refresh cached objects) was consolidated into a central function. The functions to edit nodes and features, and the expansion and reworking of configuration dialogs, have made the expert mode (previously required in some areas) almost redundant.

EASY Capture Plus Read was significantly optimized with regard to functions, and the speed of processing was greatly improved. The available 64 bit version now makes it possible to process much larger documents as well. We also optimized the Designer’s interface to improve user-friendliness and operation even further.


Packet management expanded

EASY also greatly expanded packet management to store and add configuration data. Users like to use it to transfer scenarios and other configuration data. For example, it is now possible to label packets with a version number and to set up installation dependent on the version of the EASY Capture Plus environment.

EASY Capture Plus 5.0 supports current versions of the databases Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle, as well as current operating systems on servers and clients, including support for Windows 10. EASY Capture Plus 5.0 also supports modern web browsers, including Microsoft Edge.

When working with EASY Capture Plus 5.0, you will be able to continue using optimized connections to the EASY Interface (EBIS), optimized export services and conversion engines, and expanded options in the remote query user exit.

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