At the partner information day at the beginning of this year, EASY announced its roadmap for the market launch of EASY Cloud Services. This was the roadmap for the first EASY product we and our partners are operating and making available directly from the cloud. Since EASY WORLD in September 2015, one thing has become clear: EASY Cloud Services is a success.

Totally new customer Groups

EASY from the cloud – that’s new. Not just for EASY, but for our partners and customers as well. The product has many advantages for end consumers: it facilitates a new deployment and licensing models and provides quicker reaction times, better scalability, more flexibility, and lower operating costs. Additionally, it makes ECM attractive to totally new customer groups. It’s only natural, then, that the product’s launch at EASY WORLD was connected with high expectations. What would EASY say about our cloud strategy? What’s the status quo? Will the market accept the product?

Over 5 TB of data already

The answer is: yes. And the numbers back it up, at an impressive scale. Just in the short time between the product launch and EASY WORLD, we succeeded in winning five business partners for EASY Cloud Services. They’re not just on board with the concept, but have also added 14 customers on their own part, mostly for archiving and workflow components. 217 EASY archives are already stored in the EASY cloud, with a total volume of 5.25 terabytes.

Larger companies lead the way

That kind of volume with just 14 customers? An average of 15 archives per customer? The conclusion is clear: EASY Cloud Services tend to reach larger companies, as Gerald Rüdiger Head of Cloud Business Services, confirmed to the audience at EASY WORLD. Alfred Kärcher alone, for example, a leading automobile supplier, is represented by 30 archives.

In negotiations with eleven Partners

And that’s not all: another eleven partners are at the starting blocks and currently evaluating EASY ECM from the cloud. All this is plenty of reason to be optimistic and set ambitious goals: EASY wants to grow the Cloud Services division of our company by 250% over the previous year during 2016. Even today, says Rüdiger, the revenue from cloud products is “visible;” in 2016, he intends to make it “considerable.” Our long-term plan includes offering additional HR services or a complete HR suite from the cloud.

EASY ECM from the cloud isn’t just off to a good start; it’s enjoying perfect flight conditions, with no lack of interest and acceptance from partners and customers. In view of all this, the title for the EASY WORLD presentation was definitely an appropriate one – What was it? “Well grounded – and ready to fly.”

Die EASY SOFTWARE ist Ihr Partner für eine durchgängige Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen. Als Anbieter ebenso zukunftsweisender wie erfolgreicher Softwareprodukte und Servicelösungen, macht EASY Ihr Geschäft einfacher, effizienter und transparenter.

That was EASY WORLD 2020
100% Digital

A day full of knowledge transfer, exchange and inspiration for your digitization. All lectures of EASY WORLD 2020 are available as recordings on our website. Register once and take a look at them at any time.

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