Version 18.1 of the EASY ECM is now available to all partners for download.

Experience from migration projects incorporated

In recent years, EASY has invested a lot of work into the migration tool in EASY Archive Smart. Extensive experience from demanding ENTERPRISE.i migration projects has been incorporated into the tool, which has been in release since EASY Archive Smart and EASY Archive 6.1.

Along with many expansions, such as with EASY DMS or Capture Plus, it is the particular strength of EASY ECM 18.1. The migration tool integrated into EASY Archive Smart and EASY Archive is the sole option for the revision-proof, tax law-compliant and thus future-proof migration of data from ENTERPRISE.i systems. With the included updates and product maturity of EASY Archive Smart and EASY DMS (Documents), even demanding EE.i Archive migration projects are no longer a problem.

Use EASY ECM 18.1 to raise customer environments with ENTERPRISE.i quickly and easily to the powerful EASY Archive Smart.

GDPR – No problem with products from EASY ECM

On May 25, 2018, the uniform regulation for the protection of personal data went into effect throughout the European Union, including the United Kingdom. The included solutions for document management guarantee a solid foundation for GDPR-compliant operation.

Use EASY ECM 18.1 to raise customer environments with ENTERPRISE.i quickly and easily to the powerful EASY Archive Smart.

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Integrated product versions:

  • EASY Archive Smart / EASY Archive 6.1 SR7 (04090.1 / 04065.3)
  • EASY Interface 1.7.7
  • EASY Client / DMS / Workflow 5.0d (2063)
  • EASY Capture Plus 5.2.2 (1281)
  • EASY View / EASY View Plus 5.0.29
  • EASY Discovery 5.1 (41)

Please note the tips given in the documentation for installation, known problems and installation requirements. You can find the changes in Version 18.1 in the release notes.

You can find a detailed overview of the contents and included product versions under the individual products in the extranet. If you would like to provide us with feedback on the software (ideas, suggestions, etc.), please visit our Feedback section.

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