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EASY for Exchange – Now Also Available in the Cloud

We published EASY for Exchange 1.7 on 9th September. The new release takes some key steps towards the future: Full cloud capabilities through the use of EASY for Exchange OWA 2013/2016 components. EASY for Exchange expands Microsoft Exchange by adding revision-proof e-mail archiving, relieving your Exchange infrastructure and providing a basis for wide-ranging automation of company processes.


EASY for Exchange and Office 365

EASY for Exchange has allowed users to archive cloud-based mailboxes for quite some time. This solution has proven its worth over and over again in productive use. With the release of the 1.7 version, the EASY for Exchange OWA app can now be set up in Office 365 as well. This means you can not only archive e-mails in the cloud, but reference them as well.

The advantage of references is that they use much smaller file sizes than the originals. This is because they are nothing more than a link to the files themselves, which are in the EASY Archive. This relieves the Exchange server, increasing performance.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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