EASY ONE: One Content Platform to rule all processes

Evolution: from Content Services to Content Platform

An exciting EASY WORLD 2019 is now behind us. Time to summarize the essentials and capture them for the future. What could be better than taking another look at the keynote speech of the event? EASY is developing a number of things that will be of huge importance to customers and partners in the course of both the coming year and the years that follow: EASY unites Content Services to the Content Platform – and quite a bit more.

Content services platform – EASY ONE platform

“Content Services” is one of the latest phrases in the area of ECM. It relates to the capturing, storing, searching and retrieving of content in the context of a business process. In contrast to monolithic architecture, content services provide more flexible development models, have a higher degree of reliability, are easier to maintain, allow for faster adaptations and additions, and often live in the cloud, although they don’t have to.

With the EASY ONE platform, EASY SOFTWARE is now taking the next step. This is achieved to a large extent by the addition of EASY ApiOmat – we are designing the content services platform of tomorrow, in which the cloud and on-premises are identical.

The EASY ONE platform: an evolution in small, iterative steps that provides services that customers are already familiar with from EASY, and also provides the basis for that which will be necessary tomorrow. In this respect – and this is important to us – we are focusing on evolution instead of revolution. Technologies that have previously been used can continue to be used. This is the promise of investment security for our customers.

The EASY ONE Content Platform and its elements.

The advantages of the content platform

One of the great benefits for customers and partners is the speed gain which is achieved by the EASY ONE platform. Due to rapid prototyping and the seamless integration of all services within the content platform, we achieve up to 80% faster project development times. This allows frontends to be developed, adapted and improved faster – and the APIs to the backend remain unaffected and stable thanks to the content platform.

All of this is provided by the EASY ApiOmat multi-experience platform, which results in a shorter time-to-market for our partners and customers. EASY achieves all of this through the micro-services of the content platform, so that accelerated integration into existing IT systems via the content platform is also possible. It is also clear that application development cycles will be significantly shortened.

Of course, as the key element of the content platform, the EASY ApiOmat has even more to offer. That means significantly improved IT governance and data compliance for instance, as IT departments have control over and can analyze their data and central authorization concepts. The user behavior can also be measured easily using the analytics available in the content platform. In combination with the prototyping in particular, improvements to applications can be implemented rapidly once again – iteratively and in small steps to a better service and better products. In this way, digital use-cases can be checked for suitability more quickly.

The advantages are clear: The EASY ONE platform combines and enables

  • Rapid prototyping (faster to digital use cases and prototypes)
  • Multi-experience (for any number of frontends)
  • Adaptive integration (evolution instead of big bang)
  • IT governance (data compliance and access control)
  • and the aforementioned analytics (User behaviour at a glance)

With the new EASY ONE platform, we are implementing the values of EASY: fast, flexible, enterprise-ready, experience-based and results/values-driven.

Content services platform – projects that have already been realized

Enough words. An example from the insurance industry shows the level at which the central building block of the content platform, the EASY ApiOmat, already functions. In this respect, it was possible to develop an app which is based on the EASY ApiOmat in connection with the insurance system of the Haftpflichtverband der Deutschen Industrie (HDI, German industry insurance association). The goal: the dynamic adjustment of the insurance tariff according to the progressive or defensive driving style of the customer. And with the app, the customer is always in the picture as regards both the driving style and insurance rates. Challenge accepted, mission completed.

Another example that seamlessly follows on from this is demonstrated by the Linde Company Health Insurance Fund (BKK Linde), which managed the transition to a digital insurance partner through ApiOmat. In this respect, the EASY ApiOmat also plays a key role in the implementation of the content services platform: An app as well as a website frontend were developed, allowing the customers to settle insurance matters regardless of the place or the time. Read more about this in the following newsroom article.

EASY ONE – everything is a service

With the upcoming EASY ONE content platform, EASY SOFTWARE is taking the decisive step of no longer depicting business processes in monolithically designed applications. On the contrary, we are now understanding everything as a service. Thanks to the APIs of the EASY ONE platform, we can connect an exceptional variety of systems with one another. In this way, making the familiar EASY SOFTWARE products available via the content platform is dead easy. More than the initial steps have already been taken.

In this way, the EASY ONE architecture enables us to offer EASY DMS, EASY archive and EASY for SAP as a service. Mobile applications, web clients and portals access the EASY archive and EASY DMS installations via the APIs of EASY ONE; the same applies to EASY for SAP. It goes without saying that the content platform can also be used to address third-party services – such as X/O-data from Qualtrics and, of course, many more. What is exciting at this point: With the new content platform, we are also providing a marketplace. Here, you will be able to access ready-made solutions – from invoices to HR and contract management.

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