• CommonMS becomes new partner with business status
  • Close relations to SAP® and international business make CommonMS an ideal partner
  • The partnership will focus on digitization in the healthcare sector

In September 2019, CommonMS signed its partner agreement with EASY SOFTWARE. The main business areas of CommonMS are healthcare, banking, real estate and utilities. The competencies in the healthcare sector are particularly important for the partnership with EASY SOFTWARE: CommonMS is known for their achievements in the implementation of SAP systems in hospitals and other medical institutions around the world. The plan is to quickly develop the partnership with business status into an excellence partnership.

As an SAP® Partner, CommonMS is certified for various SAP® services and programs, making it an ideal partner for EASY SOFTWARE. CommonMS was founded in Spain in 2006 and today has numerous subsidiaries around the world, including Mexico and the United Kingdom. Globally, CommonMS employs over 150 people. Internationalization through partners is an integral part of EASY SOFTWARE’s current EASY 21 growth strategy.

CommonMS decided to work with EASY to further expand its SAP® portfolio. EASY SOFTWARE is the ideal companion, especially for SAP® personnel files and SAP® archives.

“Many hospitals – major customers of CommonMS – still do not use any digital archiving systems. These huge institutions just put their business-critical documents on hard drives. With solutions from EASY, we can finally enable our customers to archive documents, personal data and more in accordance to GDPR,” says Julián Sánchez, Partner of CommonMS.

Dieter Weißhaar, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE, comments as follows on the partnership: “Our new partnership with CommonMS grants EASY access to the important healthcare market. The worldwide connections of CommonMS also enable us to significantly expand our international customer network. Together, we will drive the digital evolution in Spain, Mexico and the United Kingdom.”

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