EASY Software Sponsors Nature Experience Weeks for Children in Mülheim

As part of the digital event EASY WORLD, EASY SOFTWARE donates a total amount of 6,000 euros to the municipal project “Naturerlebniswochen” (Nature Experience Weeks) for children in Mülheim Eppinghofen. EASY previously donated the same amount to the project in 2020, so that participation was free of charge for the children in the following year.

The Nature Experience Weeks are a project of the district management and the Eppinghofen Education Network (Bildungsnetzwerk Eppinghofen). They usually take place annually during the Easter, summer and fall vacations to introduce a small group of children to the world outside their urban district in the center of Mülheim.

With open eyes, the children explore nature looking for different flowers, buds, and insects. On a padlet — a digital pinboard that the children are familiar with from classroom use — they were able to record and share their experiences and findings. The latest nature experience week focused on creating things using natural materials. For example, the children learned how to extract color from a carrot or how to make a nature conservation mobile from things they collected in nature.

The district of Eppinghofen is centrally located in Mülheim on the Ruhr, and is considered the fountain of youth and the future of the city due to its high concentration of children. Head of Corporate Marketing at EASY SOFTWARE, Birgit Eijkhout, is pleased to support the project: “The fact that good education involves more than just lessons in the classroom often does not get enough attention. That’s why we’re happy to support the Nature Experience Weeks again, and to create equal opportunities for interested children by offering them free of charge.“

Lena Spörl, responsible for the project at the district management, is once again looking forward to taking a group of children out into nature soon: “I am glad that we will be able to offer the children Nature Experience Weeks again next year. Especially with the current restrictions, where children still spend a lot of time at home, it’s more important than ever to compensate by getting out into nature outside of the city center.”

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