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EASY treats young students to a week of fascinating adventures in nature

For one week, primary school students from Mülheim, aged six to ten years, had great fun exploring nature with all their senses and receiving answers to all kinds of questions along the way. The Education Network and Eppinghofen district management hosted this thrilling vacation event with exciting excursions for fifteen children in all.

A little background on the campaign: EASY SOFTWARE AG set up a donation box at their main office in Mülheim/Ruhr during the 2016 holiday season, which met with great approval from employees. EASY staff collected a total of € 2,100 – the sum that was recently used to sponsor the Experiencing Nature Week.

“The idea of providing these children with an opportunity to discover nature in a playful way, and gather basic knowledge at the same time, immediately appealed to our EASY staff. Eppinghofen district management came up with a fantastic program, and during a visit on site I got to see for myself how enthusiastically the children participated in the event. A total win-win situation for everyone involved,” says EASY company spokesman Joachim Brysch.

About bees and bionics…

An amazing and quite varied program that focused on plants, animals, and the elements of nature awaited the children. Not surprisingly, the Experiencing Nature Week was completely booked out several weeks in advance. On the first day, the girls and boys visited the beekeepers of “Mölmsche Honig”, observing bees up close, sampling fresh honey and constructing a hotel for wild bees.

The following day, at the Hochschule Ruhr West, participants learned interesting facts about bionics and how nature may serve as a model for technical inventions. They were allowed to take on the role of young scientists and perform a variety of experiments.

Painting with beetroot, and herbal diplomas

The “Atelier Farbfuchs“ paint factory provided a creative outlet. From natural ingredients such as beetroot, curry powder, coffee, various plants, eggs, and oil, young artists mixed a rich palette of colors and then used bell peppers, nutshells or onions as stamps to create pictures after their own taste. “The fragrance of herbs” was Thursday’s motto when they earned their herbal diplomas under expert tutelage and manufactured their own soaps and colorful chalks from herbs and plant materials.

Rubber boots and dip nets

On the last day of this exciting week, parents were invited along on an excursion to Haus Ruhrnatur where, together with their offspring, they got to meet some inhabitants of the Ruhr river. They waded knee-deep in the Ruhr river, wielding dip nets and wearing rubber boots, looking for tiny creatures that could then be examined under a microscope.

Creating happy memories

Small wonder that all the youngsters joyfully immersed themselves into the project. They documented their adventures in a scrapbook where they diligently wrote, drew, or pasted pictures any chance they got. More than once, their eyes lit up due to the exciting program – and not only when an ice-cream truck appeared out of the blue, not entirely by chance. Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t love to be a child again?

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