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EASY up close and personal – our Partner Consulting team: Sven Berling

The Partner Consulting team supports existing and potential partners in making their businesses more successful with EASY solutions in terms of quantity and quality. How exactly does that work? And, more importantly – what are the responsibilities of the various team members? Who is the person you should contact? We are going to sporadically introduce members of our PartnerPort 2.0 and Partner Consulting teams here. Today, we present Sven Berling, consultant from the Partner Consulting team of EASY SOFTWARE AG.

Hi Sven – how long have you been with EASY, and what is the main focus of your work?

I have worked with EASY SOFTWARE AG since February 1 of this year – as a stakeholder for EASY DMS and EASY SPIRIT. In this context, I chiefly deal with issues concerning process management in the light of new technologies. That’s my little hobby, so-to-speak.

What does your daily work at EASY look like?

Generally speaking, it’s quite exciting. My job at EASY consists of two parts. For one thing, I deal with partner management, but I am also directly involved with projects at our partners’ locations. I really enjoy direct communication with customers, and therefore I find it important to work on site as much as possible.

What skills do you consider essential in Partner Consulting?

As a consultant, you should definitely comprehend the partner’s core issues, even before any specific technical aspects are being discussed. I think that listening and understanding an issue is a very important skill.

Speaking of listening – how important is communication in general?

For me, efficient knowledge transfer is paramount. By that, I mean that we need to give our partners the necessary know-how so that they can make the right, targeted adjustments and quickly solve any problems and difficulties that may arise. This is only possible through precise and effective communication – to the outside and within our own team.

How is the cooperation within the PartnerPort?

Simply put: our team gets along extremely well. That sounds like an empty phrase, but it’s actually true. Teamwork, reliability and helpfulness – those are the most important qualities that define our collaboration.

What mid-term objectives do you and your Partner Consulting team pursue at EASY?

In any case, we should build on what we currently have. One of our concrete goals is to keep acquiring in-depth knowledge. We want to share more of our expertise with our partners, but we also want to learn from them. It happens quite frequently that important input for the improvement or optimization of EASY solutions comes from our partners.

When you’re not busy as an EASY Partner Consultant…

…I am a true music lover – both passive and active. Music is definitely my greatest hobby. Also, I have just acquired a boating license, so now I’m trying very hard to get some practical experience under my belt. That’s not an easy feat on the Mittelland canal (laughs).

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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