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EASYTalk 2018 – “Agile Content Marketing” workshop: Benefitting together

A clear bonus in new and qualified leads – who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen just like that and in the blink of an eye. That is why the introduction of the new marketing concept “Agile Content Marketing” was the key theme of the marketing workshop at this year’s EASYTalk in Berlin.

The goal of the workshop:

Develop content and campaigns together with our partners in order to generate more leads lastingly, and to increase the reach of our campaigns through strong cooperation. More sales accepted leads with less effort. Simply benefit from each other. 

The workshop began with a brief, in-depth look at the methods of the new marketing strategy, in which the focus is on EASY partners. And not without reason.

The workshop was moderated and led by Birgit Eijkhout (Head of Corporate Marketing), Katharina Kemper (Campaign und Event Manager), Caroline Fortmann (Customer Experience Manager), and Martin Schrof (PartnerPort, Lead Management).

Our interface to the customer: our partners

No one knows the needs and desires, cares and demands regarding ECM technologies better than our partners. They are always close to the action and know what the burning issues are for customer from day-to-day experience. This is the initial starting point and fulcrum of agile content marketing. Based on their experience, we will design the perfect content – or better said, they will help us initially and thematically in the first phase of content creation – and they will benefit from it later. On the one hand, through more leads, because we will jointly increase the range of the campaigns, and, on the other hand, through content which we create for the campaigns and which, of course, can also be used and distributed by our partners.

Or, as Birgit Eijkhout illustrated metaphorically at the workshop: with the new content we are building a WATERING HOLE and setting up signposts pointing the way in the Internet jungle. Then interested partied will show up practically on their own, guided by their interests.

On the customer journey: the customer’s needs in focus

The structure of the campaign content is oriented on two fundamental measures.

  1. What target group are we looking at, and
  2. in what phase of knowledge acquisition are they now?

Accordingly, the more specific definition of the target group through so-called “buyer personas” took up a  rather significant part of the workshop. Knowing your target group and giving it  a face is a tremendous help in the creation of content. The second factor is essential at this point. Depending on what phase of the journey the customer is in, it is important that they receive content relevant to them – and nothing else.

Agile content marketing – achieving more together

Based on the depiction of the agile content marketing cycle, it became clear to the workshop participants that together we can achieve more, benefit from experience, and increase our range tremendously.

The third part of the workshop dealt with a clear allocation of leads. Those who increase the range of campaigns with us should, of course, be sure that those leads will be definitely allocated to them – the marketing team was able to prove this impressively in a live demonstration.

The constructive discussion at the end of the workshop showed that this new cooperation will also bring new rules in lead management.

We are pleased with the great popularity and the active development of joint strategies and content at EASYtalk.

In that spirit, here’s to future successful cooperation!

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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