Eight German-language companies successfully invest in digitalization

  • Companies from various industries expanded their success through digitalization
  • Success stories about the use of document management solutions
  • New or renewed reference contracts of satisfied EASY SOFTWARE customers in the first half of 2020

ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railway), one of the most well-known companies in Austria, already expressed its satisfaction with EASY at press conferences in 2019. Completely digital HR processes have changed work in the 40,000-person company sustainably.

The Würzburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry uses digital appraisal management in human resources. With this solution, the Chamber promotes performance-based compensation models, employee development, and thus also the retention and satisfaction of the workforce.

With digitalization solutions for contracts and real estate files, Gewobag always keeps an eye on the entire contract landscape of its more than 77,000 rental units.

The DKMS uses digitalization to declare war on blood cancer. Since then, the registration of stem cell donations has become even clearer and smoother.

EASY provides Lexware with the basis for the Lexware Cloud Archive for small businesses. This enables them to benefit from revision-proof archiving of their records and documents on highly available servers in Germany.

Babymarkt.de, Germany’s leading online shop for baby and children’s equipment, has been digitizing incoming invoices and other documents with a comprehensive EASY solution package since 2020.

As an institution with more than 400 years of tradition, the Karl-Franzens University of Graz still shows that it is at the cutting edge of digital innovation. The university manages contracts and personnel documents completely digitally.

Piening GmbH uses no less than eight different digitalization solutions, thus giving its personnel services a completely new impetus.

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For 30 years, Essen-based EASY SOFTWARE has been developing intuitive, customized software products for customers to digitize business processes, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and automate, mobilize, and optimize their customers' workflows worldwide. EASY provides these solutions on-premises and cloud-native.

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