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Enterprise Mobility: Mobility Boosts Productivity

One current study is taking a look at the status of implementation and the advantages of enterprise mobility. The study’s architects restricted their investigation to companies in the United States and Great Britain. However, the results are still interesting – and provide some information on the extent to which companies can benefit from enterprise mobility.

As well all know, many things only get the attention they deserve when you give them the right label. That’s essentially the case with enterprise mobility too: the idea of integrating employees into the company’s own processes using mobile apps during their customer visits, on trips, or at home isn’t really new. However, it’s easier to associate them with a trend using the buzzword than without it.


Basic Functions Dominate…

At least, that’s what the data from the researchers at Sapio Research seems to indicate. They interviewed more than 500 companies in the USA and Great Britain and found: currently, 38 percent of the companies surveyed use mobile solutions only for basic applications like e-mail or calendar management. They also usually have no security strategy for protecting mobile devices and company data.



It is interesting to look at what the “star pupils” among the companies surveyed are doing: At around 20 percent of companies, the mobilisation of business processes is already much further along. They use mobile data exchange outside of e-mail, for instance, through collaboration tools and product information management (PIM) on cell phones, laptops, or tablets. These companies are on average 15 percent more productive and work almost 30 percent more profitably than companies that still aren’t using mobile company processes.


A Buzzword? Yes, But a Buzzword with Substance.

Enterprise mobility is apparently more than just another buzzword you can use to impress your colleagues or customers in a meeting. The potential for significant competitive advantages is lurking behind the processes this term stands for. These include advantages in customer perception and internal processes (through increased productivity and speed) and ultimately in profits as well.
You can learn more about enterprise mobility here. See for yourself what is already possible today – a little effort for abundant benefits.

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