Filling process gaps intelligently: EASY piloting a modular system

This is a familiar picture in many companies: quite a few business processes show process gaps. But what if it were possible to link varying systems and processes so that the process flow didn’t stall? What if existing systems could be supplemented by intelligent standard modules that provide optimum flow? EASY is working on that, among other things in the strategic project Invictus.

Simply take a look at how many systems are generally involved just in the handling of a job. In advance, Marketing and Sales are busy with their systems. If the job is awarded, it is recorded in the ERP. If it has project components, the project management software gets involved. And so it goes until the invoice is posted. More often than not, the process flow is interrupted somewhere along this chain.


Linking systems

How can this be prevented? Representing everything in one system is an unrealistic alternative. The second option: linking all systems with technical interfaces, thus ensuring that the process “stutters” less. This is done, but is frequently connected with custom scripting. On the other hand, if the systems could be coupled with standard modules – that would, without a doubt, be an even better solution.


The Cloud as base

EASY developed exactly these sorts of standard modules in an Invictus pilot project for a US corporate group for their purchase invoice process. Due to strong growth, the group’s accounting system is very heterogeneous. Almost every subsidiary has its own systems and processes. The goal was to define a process across all systems – without replacing any systems, and without a complex ERP migration.

The project is extremely successful. Based on the EASY Cloud Platform, which forms the basis of communication for all systems, technical modules developed by EASY – for allocation, posting and approval, for example – connect the various systems. In the process, they use technical data modules for cost centers, accounts and organizational structures.


Developed once, universally usable

The best part is that these standard modules can always be reused. After all, many processes run simultaneously in a lot of companies. Approval modules, modules for linking to third-party online services, SAP Connector, EASY Archive Connector, vendoring – once these modules are finished, they are available for other projects as well. It’s quite simple… you want a ledger account to be able to draw its data from SAP? Just link them through the EASY Cloud Platform with the SAP Connector. Life can be so easy.

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