ECM, DMS, SAP? Eloquent through the IT world – in our glossary you will find definitions for many technical terms.

Audit Proof

In the ECM context, the word audit-proof refers to archiving, its processes as well as the properties of electronic archiving systems and documents archived in them. ... More

Automated accounts payable (AAP) processing

The concept of automated accounts payable (AAP) processing comes from the areas of digital incoming invoice processing and accounts payable. ... More


This abbreviation is written out as Content Management Interoperability Services. CMIS describes a vendor-independent, open standard that represents an abstraction or access layer above ... More

Content Services Platform

The relatively new term Content Services Platform (CSP) is the name that has been given to the successor of Enterprise Content Management. CSP aims to allow companies to meet ... More

Digital Archive

A digital archive is a place of storage for the safekeeping of digital information such as files, invoices, deeds or other documents. ... More

Digital signature

The digital signature pursues and achieves two goals – the example here of a sent email makes them clear: ... More


Enterprise content management (ECM) describes all methods, tools, and technologies for the creation, processing, management, and storage of content and documents in electronic systems. ... More


Enterprise information management (EIM) represents a further development of enterprise content management. ... More

Electronic seals

Electronic seals are among the cryptographically secured signature procedures that have come to the fore with the eIDAS Regulation. From a technical point of view, seals of this type belong to the category of digital signatures. However ... More

Experience Management

The term Experience Management – otherwise known as XM for short – refers to the collection and measurement of human, subjective experiences. The goal of Experience Management is to use the data that is collected in order to improve a product ... More

Greenfield- vs. Brownfield-Approach

Both terms originate from the field of software development and from software migration projects. Both the greenfield approach and the brownfield approach describe two different approaches and strategies for how and under what conditions software projects can be successfully implemented. Recently, the ... More

HMI devices

What do the abbreviation and term HMI devices mean? HMI stands for human machine interfaces. So it’s about interfaces. ... More

Maverick Buying

This term comes from the field of purchasing management, or more precisely, from strategic purchasing. As such, Maverick Buying describes unwelcome behavior in the field of corporate purchasing management. ... More


This term describes a deployment and licensing model for a deployed software solution. On-premises means something like… ... More

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The words “public key infrastructure” come from information technology – more precisely: from the field of asymmetric encryption and its practical application. Behind this is a system, an infrastructure, which serves the creation, administration, distribution and ... More

Purchase-to-Pay Process

The words Purchase-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay are often used synonymously. Both come from the English-speaking world. But what does Purchase-to-Pay mean? ... More

SAP Fiori

With the inclusion of FIORI, SAP has focused on a new design, UI and user experience concept. Paramount to the development of SAP FIORI are the changing user habits and devices which are used to access SAP services. ... More

Single source of truth (SSOT)

A single source truth (SSOT) is a central data platform in companies which is accessed by all other systems in principle. ... More

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are contracts whose transactions run without manual activities and thus save costs and time to a considerable extent. Translated into German, smart contracts mean ‘intelligent contracts’, which can be traced back to digital contracts based on blockchain technology. Smart contracts ... More

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is generally understood as a software and IT infrastructure operated by an external IT provider in a Cloud. ... More

Software Development Kit (SDK)

A software development kit provides the tools for software developers. ... More

The incoming invoice

Incoming invoices - everyone knows and pays them. But what is such a document anyway? ... More


As an inspection concept, the three-way match is one of the central elements of the invoice and purchase-to-pay process. How do you ensure that the items on the incoming invoice match the original purchase order? ... More

Time stamps

Following the European eIDAS Regulation, and the eIDAS Implementation Act in Germany, digital time stamps are getting a new, official role. These electronic time stamps are part of the trust services along with digital signatures and electronic seals. ... More

Video Identification

The video identification process is a method for online identification of private persons that is designed to be as simple as possible. It was introduced in 2014 by a number of banks as a browser-based option for identification of individuals in order to make use of the services of banks and other companies. ... More

WORM – write once, read many

The acronym comes from information technology and stands for “write once, read many.” Strictly speaking, WORM protection is a type of data protection. ... More


The XRechnung specifies a digital format for digital invoicing. The XRechnung format was initially brought into being with the EU Directive 2014/55/EU, which then took form in German law with the E-Invoice Law of April 4, 2017 (BGBl. I p. 770). ... More

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