Human Resources in SAP: Introducing HR 4.0

If you ask employees, very few will state that they are involved with personnel management or Human Resources. But ultimately, almost everybody in the professional world will come into contact with HR processes at some point. In spite of this, the level of digitization for these processes is still low in businesses that use SAP. EASY steps up to the plate to change that, because HR 4.0 is already an option today.

Many enterprises show a similar picture, with MS Excel, MS Word, self-constructed databases and the ubiquitous strategic e-mail as predominant tools in the HR sector, and data being scattered across various sources with no underlying structure.

HR 4.0 in SAP

Digitization – it’s the strategy that counts

The key lies in the right digitization strategy – i.e. a strategy that leads to continuous HR processes and is built on standards. Following this road map, using and interconnecting digital HR tools, will bring you clear advantages. For one thing, you will be able to offer self-services for employees and management. Onboarding and offboarding will be made easy, just like performance reviews, leave requests, time tracking, notifications of illness, and so forth. This enhances speed and efficiency of the HR department while reducing the load of the Shared Service Center which is then able to deal with more important issues such as HR Business Partnering and Center of Excellence.

Dashboards in HR? Yes, of course.

And there is still more, because continuous processes open up completely new planning horizons. They allow you to integrate dashboards and capture KPIs, to verify with numbers whether the right people are working in the right position, and to plan well ahead. If, for example, the sales department predicts a rise in business opportunities for the next year, then a quick analysis will show whether the number of current employees will suffice or not, and it is then possible to scout for talent via e-recruiting.

Continuous processes guaranteed

Too good to be true? Not if you choose EASY solutions. The EASY product family perfectly integrates with SAP, making for continuous processes. To achieve this, it relies on a Process2Design building system with no more than three elements: process design, document composition, and file service. With these three elements that run on a great variety of SAP HR systems, it is possible to mirror almost every process. To make matters even simpler, you can purchase and adapt the prefabricated Process2Go process components – they will run on any end device, anywhere in the world.

All this is already possible today with EASY in SAP HR, working on premise. All you need to do is say good-bye to paper and data silos.

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