In the course of this year’s EASY WORLD, EASY once again invited its partners to exchange ideas with our developers and to take a deep dive into product development in the EASY TEC. Interested partners dug into challenging subprojects and tricky tasks. For example, EASY delved into the use of apps, Capture Plus scripting and web services. The partners also added their expertise with innovations from product management, such as a central management tool from EASY Capture Plus or the DMS mobile apps from EASY. Based on lots of practical examples, EASY employees demonstrated special challenges in the configuration of the applications.

EASY Document Designer – template management in P2P and EASY HR

Following a general introduction on the preparation, installation and functions, Richard Ernst and Hendrik Hofmann demonstrated practical examples for creating letters of reference in the EASY HR personnel file and for correspondence in applicant management. The configuration of the special templates, parameters, text components, callbacks and options for automation were shown. The EASY Document Designer is provided as an ECM 2Design module, and can also be used in combination with EASY applications or as a standalone.

EASY Capture Plus Deep Dive – introducing the upcoming Capture Center

Matthias Wank and Sven Hundstein “enchanted” their listeners with a couple of tricks from the queue, tack and portal server management. For queue management, the duplication of processes (multiple archiving), export scripts and what happens when there is an error and what should be done were shown. In addition, the partners took a look at the script for Cloud Archive. Then, Wank and Hundstein showed how to work with stapling in tack management and the upload client for web application in portal server management.
The Capture Center, a central management tool for EASY Capture Plus, is new. Among other things, it can be configured so that users see only their own document queue. This warp queue has already been requested several times by partners and will soon be made available.


No problem. We have all the info and presentations of the lectures and workshops in the extranet for you. You can also get a good impression based on photos from the day.

ECM Data Tools – Web services on the example of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

EASY employees Andreas Walter and Hendrik Hoffmann presented the most important functions of the data tools: how the transfer of data objects from a source service to a target service works or the transformation options of the data objects. In addition, they dealt with mapping settings, check and test runs and manual and time-controlled flows. Callback API for use in scripting was also demonstrated. Various expansions for web services are new. You can find the complete information here.
The ECM data tools are available either as an ECM 2Design module or as a standalone in combination with EASY applications

EASY for Dynamics NAV – a look under the hood

Sven Kalinowski, Nico Diptmar, Albert Schweiger and Marc Brudzinski took a look under the hood of EASY for Dynamics NAV together with their audience. They dealt with specific practical examples, exercises and implementation options, how to synchronize master data for the invoice process and capture the incoming invoices for the order, approve them in the workflow and book them via web service in NAV. Based on the manual capture of a purchase invoice, the two speakers demonstrated the challenges in project situations in the purchasing process in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Simple integration of EASY Archive Smart with Content Webservice and CMIS

Gregor Tenbrink and EASY student trainee Jan Vogt provided a live demonstration of the Content Webservice with the internal application Content Finder. The question behind it was, “How can employees quickly and easily access archived data from the familiar SAP Fiori interface so that they can view all relevant information for a task?”

DMS mobile App – more options thanks to mobile use

Hendrik Hoffmann gave all interested partners a live look at the DMS mobile app. Applications and marketing ideas were presented. The partners learned how the apps are configured and how they are provided. What works and what doesn’t? What does the development planning look like?

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