“It is not enough to know – one must also apply. It is not enough to want – one must also do”, once said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. We know that the cooperation with our partners is tremendously important, and we want to expand into new spheres of business together with them. With Matthias Höfelmeyer, we have found a more than suitable candidate as head of Partner Management who will turn our knowledge and vision into deeds with an integrated partner program

Matthias gained his extensive experience in partner management not only during his seven years as a partner manager at EASY, but also with our competitors, such as Optimal Systems. In addition, he brings outstanding sales expertise earned through 20 years of experience in the industry.
Matthias Höfelmeyer is looking forward to developing the cooperation with existing business partners and increasing growth both for our partners and for EASY.

Gerald Rüdiger: Senior Vice President APAC

Gerald Rüdiger will expand our business in APAC (Asia-Pacific) and support our international subsidiaries as Senior Vice President APAC and International Business Operations. We are pleased that Gerald Rüdiger is taking on the leadership of the Asia-Pacific business, because he has extensive expertise in this region and can fully develop EASY’s potential in this strongly growing market.

“I would like to thank all our partners for their good and trusting cooperation and now look forward to being able to play an active and direct part with my new responsibilities in the internationalization of the EASY Group, especially in expanding the business in the Asia-Pacific growth region,” says Gerald Rüdiger.

Outlook on the new partner program

Matthias Höfelmeyer has developed the new EASY partner program, which will create added value that goes far beyond product competence for both our partners and the EASY Group. It will support our partners on a variety of levels in addressing first-class solutions with short sales cycles in the market. For this, we will rely on a joint market approach and a transfer of the lead from EASY to our business partners. Our motivation is to develop a partner network which feels connected to growth with EASY both nationally and internationally and offers customers innovative, easy-to-use solutions – in which it does not matter if customers rely on on-premise, prefer a Cloud solution or choose a hybrid model.

“We are proud of our national and international partners, because they are a crucial part of our corporate strategy. They help customers to generate a genuine, measurable added value through digital processes,” says Matthias Höfelmeyer. Strengthening the international partner organizations is a key element of the EASY 21 company strategy. Together with their partners, EASY will invest in the development of the product portfolio in international markets. Our current partners will, of course, also benefit with their international customers from the internationalization of our partner business.

In order to maximize customer benefit, they should better learn what expertise and solution focus our partners have. To do that, we combine the competencies acquired with the partner levels Business, Solution and Excellence and clearly demonstrate the expertise. That helps – even for a seemingly small partner – better to address the right solutions with customers and to increase sales success.

Naturally, this only works when we create a certain commitment. For this reason, we have doubled the size of our team and will support your sales and marketing activities with more resources and marketing materials.

We are proud of our national and international partners, because they are a crucial part of our corporate strategy.

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Hop on: Partner Marketing

In order to generate leads jointly with us, we provide you with extensive information on our solutions, campaign materials and co-branded marketing materials for your own marketing activities. You can already find materials for the SAP Logistics, HR ECM and P2P ECM campaigns.
We also have Partner Packages for trade fairs available in which you can display with us, for example at the Hannover Messe, Zukunft Personal Süd or EASY WORLD 2019. You can also sign up for these and become part of a major EASY presence.
We also support you in your marketing activities by collaborating with you on webinars and help you with external communication and advertising for your customer events.

At the moment, you can still find all information on joint measures, campaigns, events, incentives and training at the familiar address in the extranet. However, we will soon replace that with a digital EASY Partner Portal which will significantly simplify communication, collaboration and lead distribution.

We’ll keep you up to date.

Work and grow together

Ultimately, our goal is to increase the quality and quantity of care. Commitment, reliability and better accessibility on our part should increase your satisfaction as a partner. We want to support you as best as possible, so that you enjoy working with us successfully on the basis of our values – personal, smart and sustainable.

We are changing, we are reducing complexity, and we are strengthening the concrete customer benefits. We want to work with you openly and fairly and follow this path together. We hope that you will want to join us and head into a strong future together.

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