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AIIM Certified Trainers: The Foresight We Need to Think Ahead

ECM is on everyone’s lips right now. There are many different definitions for the term. Everyone puts the focus at a slightly different point. It’s all about documents. No, it’s all about processes. No, no, the focus is on information. And what about collaboration?



According to the Association for Information and Image Management – AIIM for short – Enterprise Content Management (ECM) focuses on systematically collecting and organising information. According to this organisation, considering technology, methods, or processes in isolation doesn’t go far enough. This challenge demands a dynamic combination of strategies, methods, and tools. The goal is continuing to support business processes (cf.

The AIIM has been in existence since 1943 and has dealt since that time with the optimal interplay between information, people, and processes. The association has positioned itself as an expert on the issue of ECM through decades of market research and development. The AIIM perceives itself as a product-neutral partner for information consumers.


Taking a Broader View

Now, we also offer courses for our distribution partners under the leadership of certified AIIM trainers. Why? Because these highly-qualified trainers offer a much more comprehensive view of the ECM landscape – beyond just EASY products.

Of course, we enjoy talking about our own EASY solutions: they are first-class, and we are working hard on them with lots of love and dedication every day. However, sometimes you have to take a broader view and look past the end of your own nose. That’s the only way to make sure you still know what’s important on the ECM market tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow too.

And the customer is the one who decides what’s really important. What are the issues that inspire customers and stakeholders? What concerns and fears do they have? What are some measurable benefits and arguments for ECM solutions in each individual case? We want to be able to answer all of these questions – more as consultants than as merchants. The rest will handle itself.

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