Everything remains in change. After almost four years, we must discontinue the “EASY Invoice – ZUGFeRD Converter” as of July 31, 2020.

This converter has been providing faithful services up to this point in the processing of pdf-based incoming invoices and receipts. But we will not leave you without better solutions: EASY INVOICE 4.1 provides you with EASY X Invoicing services. The EASY X Invoicing services master the ZUGFeRD 1 and 2 formats as well as the Xinvoice in UBL and CII formats, and InvoicePA, the XML format for Italian invoices within FatturaPA.

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EASY X-Invoicing Services does not map the incoming process of electronic invoices, but the required conversions. Incoming processes can be configured using existing solutions, such as EASY Capture Mail or EASY Capture Office.

Would you like to know how EASY Invoice makes your business life easier? You want to become more efficient and replace routine tasks with automatic workflows – in short: gain time for the really important things?

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