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Process Optimization 4.0: Material Master Data at the Core

The digital networking of the business world is taking off: productivity is increasing, new business models are developing. It is a matter of mastering complex processes and efficiently designing and automating procedures.

Digitization and automation: clear advantages

Take logistics as an example: Production and logistics processes should be more and more closely and intelligently networked in order to be able to produce more flexibly and efficiently, and thus cost-effectively. Material master data are at the core of this process. If they are flawed, the purchasing process, production, or customer delivery may falter, for example. Those are good reasons for optimizing your material master data management.

Just the coordination of the departments involved, which maintain their material view, requires an extreme effort. Reducing entry errors is also complex. All of that drives up the company’s costs. Above all, it isn’t necessary if you use EASY PCM Material Management. Your advantages:

  • EASY PCM Material Management runs directly in SAP
  • The solution uses the SAP Business Workflow
  • No manual coordination effort
  • The interface can be customized to the individual needs of the respective departments
  • The process flow can also be adapted to the parameters of the individual project

Everyone involved in the process benefits

In short, EASY PCM Material Management provides departments with a simple, custom interface for the coordination of process flows. No additional hardware is required, because the software solution runs in SAP. In addition, management gains 360° process transparency to reduce cycle times and tap the full optimization potential.

More in person at the Hannover Messe 2018?

Would you like to learn more about EASY PCM Material Management? Then make an appointment with Antonio del Negro, our logistics expert and Head of SAP Consulting ,at the Hannover Messe. You’ll find us in Hall 6 at Booth D 30 in the Bitkom Innovation Area Industrie 4.0.


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