• Major Release: EASY for Exchange Cloud as a software as a service solution
  • Flexibility and an attractive price model for our customers
  • High certainty, compliance requirements are fulfilled

On-Prem or Cloud? That’s the question increasing numbers of decision makers are asking themselves when it comes to introducing a new software solution in a company. It’s clear that a solution from the Cloud has huge advantages in comparison with a fixed installation On-Premises solution, which is why considering it is increasingly worthwhile. EASY SOFTWARE is therefore developing its Cloud business further and is releasing EASY for Exchange Cloud. In this blog, you can gain an overview of the functions, advantages and prices and be well equipped for the future.

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Email archiving has never been so easy

Advantages of EASY for Exchange Cloud at a glance:

  • Legally compliant: Audit proof long-term archiving: compliance through email journal
  • Saves time: Quick implementation periods, straightforward connection to Exchange On-Premises and Microsoft Office 365 Exchange
  • Forward-looking: Use of standard Microsoft technology, enabling easy updates
  • Transparent: Access archived email rapidly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Secure: ISO 27001 data processing center in Germany, operations and support from Germany. In the case of an escalation, you can access the contact persons easily directly at the manufacturer

Fully automated data protection and legal certainty

Emails are an underestimated resource. They are sent to us every day, and in increasing numbers. They should be organized and archived correctly. Among other things, they also contain company-relevant information, which has to be extracted so that it can be kept in the company. In particular, business-critical emails have to be archived according to the legal requirements such as data protection (the GDPR) and the Principles for Properly Maintaining and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access (GoBD). With EASY for Exchange Cloud, you basically fulfill all the statutory regulations at the touch of a button, as the solution is based on the standard archiving module from EASY.

Compliance ensured through email journal

Imagine that an employee leaves the company. After three months, for data protection reasons, you are required to delete both the mailbox and the archived mailbox – along with all the knowledge contained in the emails. Thanks to the journal that the EASY for Exchange Cloud includes, however, you stay on the safe side. That’s because all the email traffic is logged and the knowledge is retained according to the applicable data protection regulations, ensuring the maximum certainty for you and your company.

User-friendliness in focus

You can access archived emails directly from your usual Microsoft Outlook email client – the EASY for Exchange Cloud is connected directly, so you don’t have to switch to another tool. This, along with intuitive operation, means you are spared the necessity for extensive periods of training and induction. The employees can access previously archived emails in the Exchange archive.

Why the Cloud solution is worth your while

The EASY for Exchange Cloud Software-as-a-Service solution is a great example of what is possible “on demand”. We upgrade the classic On-Premises model with the Cloud solution, making our customers more agile and better performing than ever before. EASY SOFTWARE manages your entire infrastructure; your business-relevant emails and information remain safe and are stored in the EASY Datacenter in Germany with high availability. You are no longer required to buy the email organizational and archiving tool, you can lease it and remain flexible in the digital transformation. Discover the scalable service, the rapid implementation and transparent costs of the leasing model for your email archiving solution.

  • Scalable service: Start out small and expand at any time as required
  • No big investment necessary at the beginning
  • Straightforward integration with all ERP systems and leading applications
  • Rapid implementation of approximately one month, rapid maintenance
  • Transparent costs that can be charged each month

EASY xBase Server customers who migrate because of Microsoft discontinuations, also benefit from the easier direct changeover to EASY for Exchange Cloud – talk to your EASY consultant for further information.

The costs of the EASY for Exchange Cloud

Put your suitable solution for email archiving together easily and add to it or scale it back as required. The monthly rental model reduces the costs of your project to the minimum and ensures the certainty of your investment.


The starter package for EASY for Exchange archiving includes

  • 25 mailboxex
  • Journal-mailbox
  • 10 GB archive storage

Additional mailboxes, individually expandable:

  • 26 – 50 additional mailboxes: 3.00 for each mailbox
  • 51 – 249 additional mailboxes: 2.70 for each mailbox
  • 250 mailboxes and more: 2.50 for each mailbox

If the included archive storage volume of 10 GB per mailbox is exceeded, 0.15  per additional gigabytes will be added to your monthly bill. In addition, one-time setup costs of €375.00 for EASY for Exchange Cloud will be added.


With the email archiving solution from the Cloud, you benefit from the further development of one of the market-leading software products in the archiving sector – developed on the basis of the experience of thousands of customers and prepared optimally for the future.

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