Good things come to those who wait. Today, we are releasing Version 4.2 of the tried-and-tested contract management tool EASY Contract. With this minor release, you can expect the contract- and deadline management in your business to be both easier and enriched with new functions.


New: The E-folder – long-awaited, and finally implemented in EASY Contract 4.2

With EASY Contract 4.2, you now gain a rapid overview of all the correspondence surrounding the contract as a folder in the document tree. What does this mean in specific terms? Perhaps an illustrative screenshot is worthwhile at this point:


Contract management with EASY Contract
A clear overview of all documents belonging to a contract

Many users have always wanted it this way – and EASY Contract 4.2 has made it a reality. Regardless of the information that arises in the course of a contract and its lifetime, you can collate it, and from now on, maintain an excellent overview. EASY Contract 4.2 enables the classified presentation of a wide variety of documents in a freely-configurable document tree. Whether it is emails, notes or documents, etc. — once collated, EASY Contract 4.2 makes your working life easier and more efficient.


Revised permissions concept in EASY Contract 4.2: flexible and detailed

Thanks to the up-to-date contract and deadline management tool, you also stay flexible as regards permissions. EASY Contract 4.2 provides a variable permissions concept. The easiest approach here: You adopt the permission assigned to the contract. These permissions are then automatically inherited by all the documents collated in the contract. Despite this, you can also flexibly assign permissions individually by category or by document.


Managing contract processes electronically - from the draft to the electronic signature


Inefficient contract processes are real margin killers. Integrated contract management solutions focus on the user experience of all process participants and ensure an efficient, seamless workflow. This whitepaper shows how to turn your contract management into a digital process without media breaks.

Updated deadline management: the new deadline calendar

Digital contract management without integrated deadline management is simply inconceivable. EASY Contract 4.2 stands out with a major improvement to the user interface, which results in a UX improvement. Rather than working with the previous deadlines folder, which rapidly led to a lack of clarity, we now use a deadlines calendar.


Contract matters with EASY Contract
Filtering deadlines by recipient, date, etc. - clearly solved in EASY Contract 4.1

As you would expect from a calendar app, you can start by filtering all of the deadlines according to the month, week and day as well as the agenda. Filters are also available according to the recipient or according to the follow-up and action date.

EASY Contract 4.2 sets new standards in this area, especially in combination with the new escalation management.

Now with mobile app – contract management everywhere you go

Find out about upcoming contracts and deadlines on your journey between A and B – now possible in an app for the iOS and Android platform with EASY Contract 4.2. The EASY Contract App enables you to view and edit selected workflow folders – and to synchronize them afterwards even if the connection is lost. The Contract App allows you to view workflow folders with fields and linked folders, to share documents – and even to make workflow decisions when you’re on the move.


EASY Contract 4.2 – in summary and at a glance

In terms of UX and ease-of-use in particular, EASY Contract 4.2 scores points with the following features:

  • Fast and more targeted access to the necessary information due to the optimized contract overview and structured contract folder
  • Optimized deadline calendar due to improved filter functions
  • Clearly structured menus
  • Contract-specific notifications and chat function
  • Superior collaboration through comment function in contracts and contract documents
  • Subscription function to comments on individual folders

EASY Contract 4.2 – equipped for the future

With EASY Contract 4.2, we have taken our contract and deadline management tool to a new level. Have we sparked your interest? Contact your EASY partner or read the white paper to gain a full overview of the new functions of EASY Contract 4.2.


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