For efficient upgrades from Archive 6 to EASY Archive 7

With the software products from EASY SOFTWARE, staying at the cutting edge in terms of software is a matter of course. With the EASY Archive 7 SR1 service release, an important service release is now available to you which makes your migration from EASY Archive 6 to Archive 7 far easier. This service release also improves the frequently-required cloud readiness, and much more.

Why should I run the update? Advantages of service releases

With EASY Archive 7 SR1, you benefit from numerous error corrections and security updates of third-party components. This service release is available for versions of EASY Archive that are greater than or equal to 6.2 SR4. EASY Archive 7 SR1 equips you for the future – and provides you with help for your changeover.

Shift – for quick and efficient upgrades from Archive 6 to 7

It goes without saying that we also offer a straightforward upgrade path for changing from EASY Archive 6.2 to EASY Archive 7. The tool set, known as EASY Shift, enables you to change over to EASY Archive 7 in just five minutes.

The step towards the future – how does it work?

The first tool, known as Shift-Prepare, reads the configuration files of the existing installation of EASY Archive 6.2, and makes the gathered information available as a file for the subsequent upgrade to EASY Archive 7 with the second Shift tool. Within a standard installation, the upgrade procedure only takes a few minutes. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about the database which is used in Archive 6.2. Following from the successful installation, this is automatically available again for EASY Archive 7 SR1. However: Depending on how individualized your EASY Archive configuration is, manual intervention may also be required.

Cloud-readiness optimized – EASY Archive 7 SR1

It is rightly the case that fail-safety and scalability are high on the list of priorities, particularly with dynamic matters such as those presented by an archive. Archive 7 SR1 also improves the runnability in docker containers. This allows cloud scenarios to be served without further ado. We are working on the additional cloud features of EASY Archive all the time; these can be expected in one of the next minor releases.

For further details about EASY Archive 7 SR1, interested partners of EASY have referred to the Extranet.

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