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In order to meet the demands of our customers and partners, you will find a support news section on our website from today. Here you will find update announcements, advisories, notes on patches and the like.

This applies to the entire EASY SOFTWARE product portfolio as well as to its integration with various third-party components. Stay up to date with EASY SOFTWARE. To do so, ideally load the RSS feed into your feed reader or check back regularly using the browser of your choice. Software updates are essential in a rapidly changing world.

We start with the LDAPS patch from Microsoft, which is relevant for the following EASY products:

  • EASY Archive / EASY Enterprise.x,
  • EASY Workflow (Documents),
  • EASY Capture Plus,
  • EASY for Exchange and
  • EASY ApiOmat.

The Updates section will provide information on what to do. Read the following newsroom article to find out what changes LDAPS brings and why this patch is very appropriate.

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