Customers today demand the same digital options in communication with their insurance company as in their private environment. This means that all standard activities must be able to take place online. Find out how BKK Linde has met this challenge.

Get the basics right away

Digitizing all correspondence was at the top of the list. Submitting sickness notifications and invoices, requesting membership certificates – everything is done via the BKK Service App, much of it completely electronically.

Challenging tradition, redefining boundaries

The digital service overcomes an age-old hurdle of every German statutory health insurance company: people with statutory health insurance do not usually find out which services doctors bill for and which costs are associated with them. The BKK Service App delivers the patient receipt automatically to smartphones – transparent insight without additional effort.

Leave no one behind, digitization for everyone

BKK Linde offers digital self-service forms on its website for those without a smartphone. This makes the reimbursement of foreign invoices, clarification of follow-up insurance and other complex processes digitally available even without a personal mobile device.

Agile in times of crisis

When BKK Linde sent all its employees to work from home in March 2020, there could have been dangerous hurdles in working with customer issues. However, thanks to its new digital service, BKK Linde was able to replace paper-based inboxes and face-to-face customer meetings with automated processes in no time at all.

Intercepting the remaining paper

One thing we must not forget: Paper still plays an important role for many policyholders and business contacts. The digital switchover for the pandemic did not take longer than five days. Since then, BKK Linde has been scanning all mail for subsequent use in the digital system. In three months, over 30,000 customer requests were processed in this way.

The right solution at the right time: BKK Linde and EASY ApiOmat

The technical linchpin for all these innovations is the EASY ApiOmat. Regardless of which device is used to map the respective customer request – thanks to Multi-Experience for support of all channels, these channels can be implemented just as easily as it is to connect different systems in the background.

Agile thanks to EASY ApiOmat:
Home office for customer advisors & digital routing of customer requests

In this success story you can learn how the health insurance company BKK Linde sent its customer advisors to the home office in 5 days – from decision to implementation – and in the following 3 months digitally forwarded and processed over 30,000 customer requests.

Die EASY SOFTWARE ist Ihr Partner für eine durchgängige Digitalisierung von Geschäftsprozessen. Als Anbieter ebenso zukunftsweisender wie erfolgreicher Softwareprodukte und Servicelösungen, macht EASY Ihr Geschäft einfacher, effizienter und transparenter.

That was EASY WORLD 2020
100% Digital

A day full of knowledge transfer, exchange and inspiration for your digitization. All lectures of EASY WORLD 2020 are available as recordings on our website. Register once and take a look at them at any time.

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