Digital transformation is taking hold everywhere. Opportunities and competitive advantages are arising right now. Has your company developed the necessary prerequisites for using mobile devices in everyday business? This calls for rapid innovation. Your competitors may already be on their way.

Opportunities & advantages of apps and Cloud services

Added value can be achieved quickly through the use of mobile applications, especially in the areas of field service, facility management, customer service, and maintenance of machinery and facilities.

Thanks to the integration of tasks in mobile applications, it is possible to accelerate work processes to the maximum. That’s one clear advantage. Also, once formulated, work processes will retain their shape. Naturally, that applies across many industries. Digital services are supple and adaptable.

Initial situation: moving away from paper

Do your employees still use clipboards, file folders, checklists and the like? The problems this leads to are familiar: employees in the field don’t always have the right documents available in the right place at the right time; filled-out documents are lost or rendered unreadable by accidents. In the worst case, this can lead to customer complaints. This situation can be avoided, thanks to mobile apps.

Increased process reliability, bidirectional data transfer between service app and backend systems – service apps increase efficiency, customer and employee satisfaction.

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The Field Service app based on the EASY Cloud Platform for technicians, field service employees and mechanics

Equip your employees with a mobile application instead. There are countless smartphones and tablets available from small and large providers these days. The right device for every need. Now all your employees need is a suitable application to perform their tasks and activities – the field service app from EASY SOFTWARE AG.

Installation and/or maintenance of machines, facilities and devices

Thanks to the integration of diverse back-ends such as ERP, inventory management, CRM and production, the service app provides you with all the data about the item to be installed or serviced, right at the location where it’s needed.

  •  Serial numbers, technical data, etc. are directly available to the employee
  •  Work orders can be accepted directly in the field
  •  Predefined checklists via service app give clear guidelines
  •  The item’s history is always available: who did what, and when?

Of course, data are also available offline thanks to synchronization. Therefore, the current quality of the mobile network doesn’t matter. Once the work is done, all data are transmitted back to the integrated back-end systems and updated. Further processes for production or commercial invoicing can be started immediately, without loss of time.

Your business value

  •  Acceleration of work processes in recording, processing and transmission
  •  Concentration of all data in one app
  •  Availability independent of location and time
  •  Device-independent availability (iOS/Android)
  •  Increased quality thanks to reduction of errors
  •  Acceleration of “work to cash”
  •  Transparency and cost reduction with more potential sales volume


Clearly, a comprehensive mobile strategy rarely comes “off the rack”. So it is still advisable for companies to work together with an expert partner who can support and advise them in the implementation of an extensive mobile platform strategy. That way, hurdles can be identified and overcome promptly.

EASY SOFTWARE is exactly the partner you want. We have multifaceted experience in the development of mobile applications and mobile strategies based on the EASY Cloud Platform. Major German companies rely on us and use our mobile applications to increase the quality of their field service.

Count on us… we think ahead for you!

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