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The cloud – Potential as a productivity center

More often than not, many organizations view migrating company applications, archives and backups in terms of costs. Basically, this a not a bad idea because it allows organizations to save resources when upgrading to the cloud.  But if you consider only the cost factor when choosing your provider, you fail to recognize the real potential of the cloud.


Going cloud with EASY

Logically, EASY will offer its solutions also in a cloud model version. During the following months, EASY will gradually add a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version to all its products. EASY will deploy the cloud environment from the German Cancom/Pironet data centers certified to ISO 27001. This guarantees that all requirements with regard to information security and privacy are complied with.

Trends for 2017 – Applications from the cloud

Whether getting rid of your own hardware, entering licenses and applications flexibly and as needed, streamlining structures and flows, enabling collaboration and mobility – migration to the cloud can perform all this. More than that, one of the trends for 2017, say experts, is the increasing operation of applications from the cloud. Those who view the cloud only in terms of cost almost by necessity overlook the tremendous potential that the cloud holds.


It’s almost as in real life – Open your eyes when choosing your partner

The following is true in particular: those who consider only the costs are ill-advised. In fact, you should consider many other factors when choosing your cloud partner. How does licensing work? What about availability and which service levels are available? How flexible can I be in purchasing additional storage capacities? What about security and privacy? And in case I want to change providers or quit the cloud at a later time: will the provider then guarantee deploying my data and actually delete the data from the cloud?


Two worlds optimally linked

Above all, you should consider the following: organizations frequently rely on a dual strategy where on-premises and on-demand worlds coexist. Existing solutions must still be available at least for a transitional period:  for instance, because you are accustomed to this, or because the solutions are not available for the cloud. So you’ll have to keep the topic of on-premises and on-demand coexistence, and smart integration of both, in mind.

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