Since the relaunch of, EASY SOFTWARE AG has presented their solutions for the digitization of business processes fresher and more directly. Think this was just a facelift? Far from it. The entire site is based on a conceptual foundation oriented on customer focus. Through relevant content, we set contact points early on in the customer journey of interested parties. And last but not least, the website opens the door wide to the world of marketing automation and multi-channel campaigns.

Smart content and SEO optimization for more customer focus

The reason for the relaunch was and is simple: most purchasing decisions are made long before the first personal contact occurs. Today, the customer journey first leads customers to the Internet, where they research information and form their own ideas. Thus, the website is the first impression that potential customers gain of the company, making it crucially important.
Above all, relevant content optimized for the needs of interested parties is essential. That is why we have made a lot of adjustments. The new Internet presence is consistently optimized for search engines and will achieve excellent placement with them – so that potential customers will find us quickly. The site navigation has been significantly streamlined and simplified. The resulting clarity makes orientation easier and leads to more customer focus. And last but not least, now provides visitors with smart content. During the customer journey, it shows them only articles and information which that fits with their interests and lead them further. That is, relevant content which really interests the users. The use of the marketing automation tool hubspot ultimately allows us to learn more about our visitors in compliance with the GDPR and individually adjust our offer to them.

Marketing: From tool to strategic partner

The launch of the new Internet site is the result of a mammoth project in which almost every department and area cooperated under the guidance of Marketing. It would not have been possible if the experts in the teams had not contributed their knowledge. As in every company, there also were and are individual requests at EASY:

  • Navigation structure: Everyone would have liked to have the products they oversee in first place. However, it was important to consider what order made the most sense thematically.
  • Number and order of the submenus: What is really important and how detailed can we present the information without jeopardizing usability?
  • Concrete graphic design: What imagery was defined and why?
  • Preparation of content: How do we specifically address interested parties?

Today, marketing managers, who once primarily carried out orders, must develop strategies and promote innovations in order to contribute to the company’s goal through customer focus. Therefore, it was necessary to persuade people of the original website concept and to position it as a strategic partner for Sales and Management in the company.
Ultimately, the focus is on customers, their customer journey and first-class content.

Today, marketing managers, who once primarily carried out orders, must develop strategies and promote innovations in order to contribute to the company’s goal through customer focus.

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What is the recipe for successful positioning?

1. Strengthen your competencies: Who are we, and what do we want to achieve?

  • We have expert knowledge of target groups, information and purchasing behavior of interested parties and are able to design the best possible customer journey on this basis.
  • Therefore, with our knowledge, we are a strategic partner on equal terms for Sales and Management.
  • We make a valuable contribution to the company’s success and are able to measure and specifically name this contribution.
  • We are innovative and question bogged down processes, even our own.
  • We focus consistently on the customer

2. Communicate competencies:

  • Always argue well-prepared with facts and numbers
  • Proactive consulting and coaching and ask the right questions: What is the objective, and what do we want to achieve together in the company?
  • Have the confidence to say “no” sometimes
  • Last but not least, convince rather than disagree. We listen and find a mutual solution constructively, without simply rejecting concerns.

On this basis, we were ultimately able to cooperate across departments and complete the mammoth website relaunch project together. Everyone who worked on the project is convinced that we have produced a good, new website. Our users will decide. It is already certain today that a website like is a living thing and improves itself continually, also due to the input of its users.

Do you have suggestions for the Internet site or want to offer us feedback? Then write to us! We look forward to your opinion!

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