The Personnel File of the Future Floats in the Cloud

  • Personnel files can be accessed by all those involved with any device and from anywhere
  • Immediate deployment of the application minimizes project risk
  • Subscription model with flexible adjustment of scope and duration of services

No more searching: All data and documents are now stored in a central cloud-based digital personnel file. In the future, EASY HR Cloud will provide HR departments with even faster access to their master data. Onboarding new specialists, salary overviews or the 25th anniversary of the valued employee – everything is now done at a central location. Thanks to the flexible subscription model, companies can try out the new technology immediately and without risk.

Especially decentralized company structures often struggle with the organization between different locations, working from home or the mobile field service. A cloud concept for documents unites all these remote locations in one large, well-sorted digital filing cabinet. All participants work with the same uniform filing structure – regardless of their device. In this way, HR departments can access the necessary data immediately and become able to provide information more quickly. Missing deadlines should be a thing of the past with EASY HR Cloud.

The new subscription model ensures that customers only pay for the functions they actually need. In addition to the scope, customers can also freely define the duration of usage, after the minimum contract period has expired. EASY HR Cloud ensures transparent costs that can be terminated at will.

Since EASY takes the issue of data protection very seriously, customers need not worry about their decentrally stored data. Advanced security mechanisms and hosting directly from Germany provide appropriate GDPR-compliant protection for even the most confidential personnel files. Maintaining an application in the cloud can even prevent common problem areas of a local solution – e.g. during updates, maintenance or data loss.

For more information, EASY SOFTWARE provides two virtual seminars around the product launch, where interested parties can obtain even more information about the details and functionality of the new cloud platform.

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For 30 years, Essen-based EASY SOFTWARE has been developing intuitive, customized software products for customers to digitize business processes, seamlessly integrate with existing systems, and automate, mobilize, and optimize their customers' workflows worldwide. EASY provides these solutions on-premises and cloud-native.

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