Is there any HR staffer out there who would disagree? Creating and maintaining job references is an everyday part of business activities – and one that can take up considerable time. Of course, there is a way to simplify and streamline this “time consuming” task, using accelerated processes. You can win back a little of that time, and make the whole process more efficient and comfortable. The secret? Technical support.

HR departments under pressure

Often, time-consuming tasks are made even longer than they need to be. Companies may not even know how to create a job reference with appropriate content and correct form. Job references reflect individual employee contributions and make an employee’s work measurable. This is important for companies, since work areas, character, qualifications, and commitment varies between workers. A job reference should reflect these individual skills while remaining compliant with legal requirements. This increases the workload for the HR department considerably. Whenever an employee leaves the company, the time pressure grows. It’s only natural, after all, for employees to want to have their job references in hand as quickly as possible.

Key components

The workload for the HR department grows along with the additional requirements job references need to fulfil. There’s an awful lot that can go wrong in formulating, structuring, and processing the reference. While employees are usually impatient to get their references, and might even be knocking on the HR department door, HR professionals are usually waiting on assessments from supervisors – who may likewise feel that the process is robbing them of precious time.

Quick and reliable

With all these challenges, the solution for more efficient work processes is surprisingly simple. Software for reference creation accelerates processes and provides a unified presentation of legal and content-based procedures that must be observed when handling employees’ personal data. Without specialized software, creating a reference can take up to two weeks. With a dedicated solution, the entire process is halved to just a week.

Software for reference creation guarantees both an error-free transfer of the employee’s master data and – thanks to pre-defined textual building blocks and assessment criteria – correct formulations for employee assessment. The HR employee produces personalized references promptly and efficiently in collaboration with the responsible supervisor. Voilá – the time consuming chore is cleared up in a flash – with no legal worries at all.

Curious? Then check out our solution EASY for SAP and streamline your job reference creation processes.

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