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What do bath salts have to do with the creation of bills of materials?

How digital BOM management makes work easier

Organization is half the battle, or so they say. Production planners, for example, are well aware of how true that is for the job – when they determine material needs using bills of materials. If the bill of materials is incompletely maintained, planners will miscalculate the materials needed for production. This will delay production and the subsequent production delivery. With digital BOM management, you can keep your bills of materials up-to-date in SAP.

Bills of materials are essential for efficient operating procedures

How incomplete bills of materials negatively affect the purchasing process can be demonstrated using bath salts as an example. According to a simplified bill of material for the manufacturing of a package of bath salts, the following components are necessary: 400 grams of bath salts, a plastic screw top bottle, and a label. The first error can arise if only 200 g of bath salts fit in the bottle, so that only half of the bath salts produced can be packaged. As further consequences of the erroneous bill of materials, the unpackaged bath salts must be stored somewhere in the interim, and a lesser amount of bath salts is delivered to stores.

Thus, well-maintained bills of materials are essential for smooth, efficient, and cost-effective operating procedures.

Status quo: Previous processes hide numerous sources of error

Changes to bills of materials are often triggered by e-mail, telephone, or paper request and implemented in SAP by different departments. However, along with the manual effort to coordinate the relevant departments, important departments are sometimes forgotten. In addition, transmission errors creep in – 200 g of bath salts become 400 g – or employees feel overwhelmed by the complex SAP interface.

The solution: Digitized bill of materials management

  • Automated coordination
  • Integrated document filing
  • Process transparency

The digitization of your process for BOM management in SAP has significant advantages. With our Process2Design product, all processes which affect new and modified bills of materials will run directional, and be coordinated automatically in the future. The departments will be included in the process via the SAP Business Workflow. In addition, the departments will be able to include relevant documents in the process, so that even years later it will be documented why, for example, a bill of materials was changed. These documents can also be stored in SAP as document info records as needed. Media discontinuities through paper and electronic documents, which are often scattered throughout the company, are thus a thing of the past.
Thanks to the digital process flow, the status of an individual process is now evident at any time. That way, your BOM management in SAP is completely transparent, and employees can spot delays and risks in the operating procedure early.


With digital BOM management, you relocate your previous bill of materials processes directly to the SAP system which already contains your objects, such as bills of materials, material master data, and work plans. You do not need any additional hardware for this changeover, because our solution runs in the existing SAP system and uses its hardware.
Create your bills of materials digitally and efficiently. Visit our website for more information and contact options. By the way, we will also digitize your customer and material master data…

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