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Never go for proprietary again: (legally) compliant filing by HSM systems

A trend towards stricter requirements of legally compliant filing has emerged worldwide and in Germany in particular. There is an increasing number of cases where authorities demand access to a company’s IT systems. Electronic tax audits have become a matter of course. Running the products and solutions provided by EASY SOFTWARE AG will give you a powerful end-to-end solutions which not only complies with German (tax) laws but also with many international standards.

Experts have confirmed and certified that long-term filing using EASY’s products complies with the auditing rules and the applicable German “Principles of Proper IT-based Bookkeeping” (GoBs). But there is also a need for hardware action! Because standard storage systems (SAS / NAS / DAS) or proprietary systems are no good when it comes to safely and permanently keeping EASY’s data containers in the long run.

This is due to (i) not being able to ensure that data cannot be modified (deleting, hard disk failure, viruses, etc.) and (ii) to the necessity of keeping data for long-term storage on an unalterable medium (WORM).

In order to meet these requirements, we recommend using a HSM system (Hierarchical Storage Management) with a certified EASY transfer script.



Once EASY ENTERPRISE has completed a data container, the transfer script copies it to the HSM system’s performance realm.

The HSM system captures the container received and moves it to two different storage media at once, i.e. the medium connected and to the WORM tapes (standard LTO technology) on the linked-in library. By means of this redundancy, the system achieves a very high level of data security.

The HSM system stores multiple copies of its own databases in different realms of the disk and the backup tapes. A fibre channel WORM tape library allows the disk and WORM tape areas to be kept separate and installed in different fire zones. Thus, in case one server room fails, there will still be another copy of the data. This ensures that all data can be restored very quickly if a device fails.

A huge advantage of the system and a unique selling position is that operators are free to define any period after which the system automatically verifies whether the data stored by the HSM system are still the same as the original data received and whether the copies on disk and WORM tape are identical.

Owing to the multivendor capability of the server’s and LTO WORM’s standard technology, the system is independent of any one supplier!

As opposed to solutions just based on hard disks or optical media (DVD / BluRay) which, by their very nature, fail to warrant a safekeeping of data for 10 or more years, the chosen technology and recurring verification mechanisms of our solution will do exactly that.

This high level of safety assures that all data will be safe even if kept for many years.



Using standard server and library hardware lets you easy expand the system without jeopardising the system’s multivendor capability. If a supplier fails, there will be no necessarily expensive migrations to other systems.


Schematic view of how the HSM system works:


At the end of the set period (e.g. a week), EASY’s data containers are automatically uploaded to the HSM system. They are stored on disk and WORM tapes at the same time and restored if the EASY server requests it.

The Windows-based ArchiveManager for EASY Software manages all data of the EASY ENTERPRISE document management system stored in one or several backend archives.

EASY SOFTWARE develops software solutions and actively drive the digital transformation for efficient, secure and mobile work with digital business processes. EASY integrates these into existing IT infrastructures and generates sustainable added value. This makes digitization a quick and easy experience for their customers.
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