command ag

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command ag
Eisenstockstr. 12
76275 Ettlingen

Based in Ettlingen, Germany, the command Group and its subsidiaries cormeta ag, cortility gmbh and oxaion ag, including their locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Lüdenscheid employ 270 people. With their focus on document management/archiving, command offers the right solutions for every industry and businesses of any size.

The command DMS solutions are based on EASY ENTERPRISE and EASY DOCUMENTS. The systems are certified for use with SAP and stand out due to their high scalability and open interfaces. They offer extensive integration options in almost every standard company software solution, and are enhanced with solutions for automating incoming mail and the processing of incoming invoices. Add-ons for the process-related archiving of email, Office documents and any PC files as well as the creation of customer/supplier/process files round out the range of solutions.

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