SIS – Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft mbH

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SIS – Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft mbH
Eckdrift 93
19061 Schwerin

SIS – Schweriner IT- und Servicegesellschaft mbH is the municipal IT service provider in the state capital Schwerin, acting for the administration and both municipal and semi-public companies.

For KSM Kommunalservice Mecklenburg AöR, we also provide services for the state capital Schwerin and the county Ludwigslust-Parchim.

In order to ensure the efficiency of our customers, we offer IT services as well as payroll accounting services, reproduction and enveloping services and tailored solutions using our expertise and industry knowledge.

As a dialog-oriented company, we see change as an opportunity and a permanent challenge which we gladly face together with our partners. The results of our work guide the way for our customers and partners.

Our work is based on motivation, commitment and knowledge as well as the human qualities of all our employees. That is our quality standard. As a Schwerin-based company, we feel connected to the region and are conscious of our social responsibility.

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