Designing the digital transformation. Together.

The goal of EASY SOFTWARE AG is to help shape the digital transformation, and provide customers with the best solutions and services for this purpose.

EASY SOFTWARE AG and its partners help to transfer business processes to the new world, with market-leading, innovative products, and with a champion’s mentality that characterizes only the best.

The EASY Partner program

There is room for many disciplines in the Partner program from EASY, from sales to the service of EASY solutions. Their partners provide EASY SOFTWARE AG with optimum support for successful market cultivation. EASY Partners benefit from significant advantages and stand out from the competition:

  • Join the team of a market leader and digital enabler in the field of document-intensive processes and process automation. Become part of an attractive partner program with a variety of cooperation models and lots of opportunities for development.
  • Offer your customers what they need for their digital business: ECM applications, workflow solutions, databases, mobile solutions, Cloud applications, and effective Cloud platforms. Also, fully integrated into SAP. EASY has everything you need for this.
  • Improve your customer retention – with outstanding and up-to-date products and services – no matter if it’s on-premises or on-demand on mobile devices.
  • Don’t miss the chance for new business. Expand your repeat customer base with innovative solutions. Maximize your revenues and your profits.
  • Rely on expert help from EASY, anytime: The EASY team will support you in your projects with their expertise and offer you everything you need for developing your business.

Three models – one goal

Today’s partner business is different from the partner business of the past. We have to be more agile, more flexible, and more attractive than the competition. That is why EASY SOFTWARE AG has three partner models in which partners are able to help develop, sell, and service EASY solutions. One thing is common to all: the goal of offering peak performance all the time.

EASY Premium Partner

Premium Partners are firmly established in the market. They set standards in the advanced training of their employees and have EASY-certified specialists in sales and technology. They offer their customers integrated solutions and all-around service in the introduction. From departmental solutions to the digitization of business processes to company-wide strategy.

EASY Qualified Partner

EASY Qualified Partners focus on individual solutions from the EASY portfolio and thus offer expertise on the digitization of individual business processes. For example, they specialize in the areas of incoming invoice processing, contract management, or human resources, often in combination with other core applications such as ERP. Employees are certified in sales and technology.

EASY Business Partner

EASY Business Partners advise and service their customers, particularly in the areas of archiving, document management, and the automation of business processes with the help of EASY solutions. They are often manufacturers or sales partners of core applications such as ERP systems and enhance their portfolio with services from EASY. They are trained in-house for this in sales and technology.


Your contacts

  • Matthias Höfelmeyer
    Matthias Höfelmeyer Head of Partner Management

    “The strongly growing market for the digitization of business processes offers our partners fantastic opportunities. Customers expect comprehensive solutions and at the same time flexibility and quick benefits. Help your customers and put them in the pole position. I will help you do that.”

    • Katharina Kemper
      Katharina Kemper Partner Marketing Manager

      “We want to implement your customers’ requirements together with you. To do that, along with innovative services, we offer specific support in sales, project planning, installation, and support – for example, through attractive actions and marketing measures for generating leads and an extensive range of training.”

      • Barbara Lindstädt
        Barbara Lindstädt Alliance Manager International

        “Working with EASY solutions means things become faster, easier, safer, and less error-prone – whether it’s electronic files, digital processes or mobile applications.
        Why not become an EASY partner to complete your portfolio? We will assist you in winning larger, new projects with existing and new customers faster, and with a ROI within a year.”

        Would you like to learn more about the EASY Partner program?

        The EASY Partner program stands for the qualified support of existing partners and at the same time represents an ideal entry point for new partners. Get to know it. In our current Partner program brochure.


        With EASY SOFTWARE AG as a manufacturer of leading content service technologies at your side, you’ll design your customers’ digital agenda. Your organization is an active part of digital transformation. For this purpose, EASY provides market-leading platforms, products, and solutions. With our customized partner program, you’ll be perfectly braced for the digital future – regarding both your customers and yourself.

        Gerald Rüdiger, Head of Sales & Business Development

        The EASY Partner network.

        Who is already in the EASY Partner network? The answer: Many companies in many countries! The current list is here.

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