No partner kick-off without a product roadmap. Antonio Del Negro, Head of Business Unit SAP, and Marc Brudzinski, Manager Engineering ECM, reported on how things will continue in the new year and the developments, updates and releases that are pending in the area of SAP and ECM.

SAP Roadmap

The SAP market is growing significantly every year, and with it, the partner ecosystem. SAP is even expecting the size of the market to double by 2024. Reason enough, therefore, to stay tuned and push our key products in the area of SAP. We have planned a new release for all such products.

New products: Order confirmations and processing of delivery notes

We are currently developing two new products in the field of Order Confirmation, and in the future, we will be offering the option of extracting data from a document. Customers will also be able to use a workflow to check and post deliveries automatically against the SAP purchase order. We will notify our partners as soon as we have more news about these solutions.

EASY Process2Design Platform

The skills required for developing solutions for SAP and delivering them to customers have increased dramatically. SAP implementations frequently turn into giant-sized projects. The result: Change takes place too slowly and is expensive. And this is the very reason why some large-scale SAP projects fail in companies these days. The EASY Process2Design Platform allows us to counteract this by allowing processes to be implemented using the latest SAP technology and to quickly digitalize business applications. The low-code Process2Design Platform forms the basis for all our standard solutions, the Process2Go. It enables the quick and easy creation of end-to-end business processes, and was recertified by SAP as recently as 2019.

There will also be an improved frontend rendering with Fiori 3.0 as well as integrations into Activity Manager, Classification and Microsoft Outlook.

On the basis of the EASY Process2Design platform, Del Negro also presented a company car requisition process which is created entirely without programming. The employees choose a car that they subsequently configure. The fleet management then checks and authorizes the process, which is then approved by the superior. The car is then ordered and the corresponding document is generated with the Document Builder and saved in the SAP Record Framework. This process runs on the SAP Business Framework, while the front end is located in the SAP Cloud. It is ready for SAP Fiori, generates a document and stores it in the file – that’s how fast and easily a digital process runs on the EASY Process2Design platform.

EASY Employee File for SAP Solutions and SAP SuccessFactors

As an add-on to the Employee Self Services scenarios, it will be possible to upload documents – so employees are now able to save certificates or statements of any kind in their personnel file themselves. An optimized Outlook integration also improves the user experience.

For the version from the cloud for SAP SuccessFactors, we are upgrading the quick access to the document preview (scrolling), the option for intelligently keywording documents and the erase function for complete files. In addition to improved administration in the document and user settings, for example, we have created a connection between the Employee File Cloud and our EASY Cloud Archive – useful for personnel files or documents that can therefore be archived automatically.
Other important updates for 2020: We will provide EASY Material Management for SAP Solutions with a master data cleansing tool as well as an optimized erasure process.

EASY Contract Management for SAP Solutions is to gain a payment plan, an Activity Manager for the management of tasks and a Process for Activity Log.

ECM Roadmap

EASY Archive 7

A summary of the key points: The EASY Archive and EASY Archive Smart become one! One of our most successful and durable products now provides our customers with a more flexible configuration and scaling, and therefore optimized data management.
Thanks to the Docker concept, i.e. the use of program containers, customers are now able to cushion the possible downtimes of one server due to maintenance work with the use of another server position. In addition to this, the modular structure allows for the improved use of the customer’s IT infrastructure.
Read the details on EASY Archive 7 under the above link in our EASY Newsroom.
EASY Archive 7 will be delivered to customers as a native installation package for Windows or Linux starting from February 2020.


At the same time as the launch of EASY Archive 7, Version 7 also includes an appropriate upgrade of EASY for SAP. All the advantages of EASY Archive 7 can therefore be used. The integration offers a further development of the EASY WebDAV for SAP ILM implementation: The additional Data Separation allows the customer to enjoy the highest possible degree of flexibility with the configuration of the systems.

For 2020, we are also aiming to achieve an SAP certification for S/4 HANA and NetWeaver, which will give us a competitive edge and bring us closer to SAP customers.

Document Management System

In the area of DMS, we have updated the ESP demo with EASY for Dynamics NAV and/or Microsoft Business Central.
The further developments in the area of EASY HR and EASY Request areas are also worthy of special mention. For EASY HR, we are working on an applicant portal and a CV parser. Our partners can also expect new Self Service scenarios.
For EASY Request, we are developing a link to internal article catalogs and external ones, i.e. web shops.

EASY for Exchange

At the end of 2018, we conducted an EASY for Exchange tour at nine partners, and received valuable suggestions and feedback on the product. We have listened and significantly improved the integration solution. 2020 will also be used to implement further topics. To name but a few:

  • “Simplify E4E”: Simplified administration
  • Improved filter options for the logging, e.g. time, event and filter controlled
  • Completely newly developed PST tools, simplified operation, better handling, reliable results; quicker and more flexible migration
  • Optimized reporting including additional filtering options
  • Further possibilities for filtering in the future

A key topic for Q3 is the optimized handling of the GDPR: A special client is planned, with dedicated rights and roles, with which customers are able to carry out specified searches, erase and export data.

EASY for Dynamics NAV becomes EASY for Dynamics 365 Business Central

With EASY for Dynamics NAV, we provide integration which is officially certified by Microsoft. The interface offers the highest possible degree of integration for all the comparable integrations and is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics. We are close to the further developments of Microsoft and we guarantee our customers and partners continuous updates.
With the launch of EASY for Dynamics Business Central at the end of February, you are now able to choose the form of dosage:

  • On-Premises
  • Private Cloud (Azure Hosting)
  • SAAS – Software as a Service

With EASY for Dynamics NAV, or EASY for Dynamics 365 Business Central, we can support any scenario from our customers!

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