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Experience the top-class speaker Tijen Onaran when she talks about the opportunities of digitization, or hear from Oliver Krautscheid, CEO of EASY SOFTWARE, about the strategy for the coming years. Let the congress end with a wine tasting – we will be giving away packages upon registration!

9:00 a.m. | Welcome

Tony Cheung welcomes you to the digital congress, EASY WORLD 2020 – the leading event for digitizing your business processes.

It has long since ceased to be a matter of merely bundling costs and resources in the company with digital processes, but rather of creating sustainable added value that will provide positive experiences for your customers, employees, suppliers and, in the broadest sense, society as a whole. Together with you, we want to find answers for innovative solution scenarios that lift your business to the top. We are looking forward to meeting you!

About Tony Cheung:

Tony is an experienced software delivery professional with more than 15 years’ experience leading and managing software operations and customer-facing services implementations. As EASY SOFTWARE UK’s technical director, Tony focuses on customer solutions and applications delivery.

9:15 a.m. | EASY SOFTWARE outlook and insight

For modern software companies, everything currently revolves around creating customer value and strengthening partner relationships. To achieve this, competencies must also grow: alongside on-premises applications, Software as a Service is at the forefront of the favor of leading service providers. Long-term positive customer experiences are the key to success and start as early as the product development stage. But the fundamental approach of all those involved must change to achieve maximum success: Only adapted sales structures, subscription models, immediate service and more can fully and flexibly meet customer expectations. In times of change, business models must be flexible and have the needs of individual customers firmly in focus. It’s time to think new and agile. EASY is in the middle of technological and organizational change. Oliver Krautscheid, Management Board member of EASY SOFTWARE AG, reports in his keynote speech how this will succeed.

About Oliver Krautscheid:

Oliver Krautscheid has been a member of the Management Board of EASY SOFTWARE AG since February 2020. He was previously Chairman of the Supervisory Board. As a financial expert, investor and multi-supervisory board member, he advised innovative companies in growth and transition situations – including transformation processes and company acquisitions.


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1:00 p.m. | Lunch break - Live Street Piano

Sven van Koetsveld has turned his hobby into his profession. The street piano player pursues his passion for music with great success. In his adopted city of Hamburg he gives concerts out on the street. Experience Sven live, we stream him from the street to your screen.

2:30 p.m. | Tijen Onaran: People. Courage. Making.

The stage is as much their home as the digital industry. As founder of the network “Global Digital Women”, Onaran has created a platform where not only exchange takes place but also visibility of women in the industry. In 2018, she was proclaimed a top publisher for “Communication and Digitalization” on XING, was voted one of the top 40 under 40 by “Capital” magazine, and in 2019 was named one of the top 100 most influential women in German business (Manager Magazin). Together with the “ACI” agency, Tijen Onaran advises medium-sized companies and DAX-listed corporations on all issues relating to diversity, social media, employer branding, and the creation and maintenance of communities and event formats. Her credo: Digitization is shaped by people and courage is the most important prerequisite for digital change. “We must dare to do something new and at the same time allow mistakes to be made.” Let Tijen Onaran’s lecture inspire you to simply take a look at things.

About Tijen Onaran:

Tijen Onaran is an entrepreneur and speaker. With her company Global Digital Women she is committed to networking women in the digital industry. Manager Magazin ranks her among the top 100 most influential women in the German economy.


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5:00 p.m. | Virtual Wine Tasting with award-winning Wine Unearthed

Experience your live ‘Virtual’ Wine Tasting with award-winning Wine Unearthed – A fun and fascinating wine tasting where you compare wines from the Old World and New World.

What are they doing differently? How can the same grape varietals taste so different?

Three fantastic wines to taste as we discover more about the factors influencing old and new world wines as well as how to taste them like a professional!

Wine Unearthed is a leading provider of wine education in the UK. Not only are all Wine Unearthed presenters knowledgeable with qualifications, they are also genuinely passionate about wine and love to share their enthusiasm with others.

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Digital Platforms and Industry 4.0

Overcome the Experience Gap: Digital Platform, Applications and SAP Logistic Processes

This is a preview on the international program – we will keep you informed about further agenda items. Stay tuned. Please note that this is the international content. If you are interested in the German content, please switch to the German language version.

10:00 a.m. | Experience management: SAP Qualtrics - Safe costs, Data in Legacy-Systems

How does experience management work in practice and how do you measure the experience? Are there alternatives to high-priced solutions, such as Qualtrics? How can I compare my experience values with the values of other companies? How do I get the results into my legacy systems so that I can ultimately use stakeholder feedback for my processes?

With Michael C. Reiserer, Managing Director EASY SOFTWARE Germany & Travis Marsh, Digital Transformation Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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10:30 a.m. | Digital Platform & Application - Introduction and Use Cases | Cloud Services

Digitalizing business processes is a priority for many organizations, but how can companies efficiently scale their digital initiatives to continuously deliver value for their users. Learn how companies such as Volkswagen and HDI deliver new digital services and products with a platform that standardizes the development process while enabling them to maximize the investment of their existing IT systems and leveraging new technologies and multi-experience channels.

With Travis Marsh, Digital Transformation Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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11:00 a.m. | HR Employee Health App | Cloud Services

Business is changing faster than ever and companies need to respond faster. With today’s “New Work” reality, companies need to find ways to digitalize their business processes faster while adapting to the way employees are working today. Learn how the EASY ApiOmat HR app provides a starting point to eliminating paper-based business processes while helping employers protect their workforce.

With Travis Marsh, Digital Transformation Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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11:30 a.m. | What are the drivers for a digital material master process? | SAP Logistic

Not only is the potential migration to SAP S/4 HANA a good reason to clean up your data; your entire production process becomes more efficient and transparent. We will show you the most common challenges our customers face and the advantages you will gain by using fully digitalized solutions.

With Derek Lambert, Sales Manager & Marcus Surges, Process Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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12:00 p.m. | Calculate ROI and save costs, with digital material management | SAP Logistic

If you create order in Material Management, you lay the foundation for the successful digitalization of all your business processes. The many advantages from which your company benefits can also be financially substantiated within the framework of an ROI analysis. What factors drive up the costs of SAP Master Data Management? At which corners is there potential for savings?

With Derek Lambert, Sales Manager & Marcus Surges, Process Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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12:30 p.m. | The story of accessible space for all! An AIRBUS Story

Marcus Surges at EASY WORLD 2020 Even if the work aims at space, digital processes on earth are indispensable for the journey beyond the stratosphere.

As a young company, AOS, despite its astronomical goals, followed the approach of a start-up: fast, forward-looking and always with an eye on resources and the number of employees. Even though the team had little experience with SAP, it was crucial that they launched their digital transformation like a rocket.

Find out in the presentation which hurdles AOS overcame in this process and how Material Management via SAP quickly helped the young team to communicate more easily and work hand in hand.

With Bertrand Taillardat, SAP Architect, Airbus Oneweb Satellites & Marcus Surges, Process Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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3:15 p.m. | EASY Material Management: Change and create master data live - version 3.0 | SAP Logistic

You have recognized that clean material master data leads to success in your company? Then the next step follows: The selection of a suitable service provider for the digitalization of your material master creation process. In this presentation we will provide you with an insight into the software from EASY Material Management for SAO Solutions. Learn how to apply for materials, create plant views, check errors automatically and change materials using our software – all from a single source.

With Derek Lambert, Sales Manager & Marcus Surges, Process Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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3:45 p.m. | Deep-Dive: Customizing of the software | SAP Logistic

We will go a little deeper into the EASY Material Management for SAP Solutions software and show you how customizable the solution is to your individual requirements. E.g. workflows: The material master creation and change process is delivered with a workflow consisting of a few steps. Since the process flow between requesting material and approval or creation/changes in SAP is company-dependent, the workflows are defined and implemented within the project.

With Derek Lambert, Sales Manager & Marcus Surges, Process Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE


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4:15 p.m. | Digitizing Material Master Data in SAP | SAP Logistic

A report from the field: Christian Gebert from iXLOG Unternehmensberatung GmbH, an EASY partner company, explains how digitizing the material master process within SAP can be performed using a customer example. After all, a clean, correct database in the system is the basic prerequisite for a company’s logistics processes. Let us surprise you!

With Christian Gebert, Product Manager, iXLOG Management Consulting


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Smart Procurement and HR Processes

Deep Dive Into Smart Procurement and HR Processes.

This is a preview on the international program – we will keep you informed about further agenda items. Stay tuned. Please note that this is the international content. If you are interested in the German content, please switch to the German language version.

10:00 a.m. | Demo: EASY Order Confirmation and EASY Delivery Notes for SAP Solutions | SAP

One of the processes that offer a very high potential for savings and optimization in the context of digitization is the so-called Procurement-to-Pay process (P2P) – one of the administrative core processes in companies. In the standard SAP system, only selective answers are provided here, and it is very difficult to identify a consistent, user-centric approach.

With Roland Conzelmann, Product Owner & Howard Frear, Manager Sales UK, EASY SOFTWARE


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10:30 a.m. | P2P ROI Calculation | ECM

The invoice receipt process is not only one of the core processes in companies, but often devours a lot of resources. A good reason for companies to make this process more efficient with intelligent software solutions.
But how do you assess the potential for optimization? This is exactly why we offer you a specialized ROI calculator.

With Roland Conzelmann, Product Owner & Howard Frear, Manager Sales UK, EASY SOFTWARE


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11:00 a.m. | EASY Customer Stories - Business Continuity during a Pandemic

EASY Software UK’s Tony Cheung and experienced document industry spokesperson Carina Birt look at the impact Covid has had on businesses’ document and information processes.
The session will showcase 2 organisations whose exemplar approaches to information management have ensured ‘business as usual’ during the pandemic.

With Carina Birt, founder of PR agency, Sarum PR and Tony Cheung, Technical Director, EASY SOFTWARE


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11:30 a.m. | Proceed Solutions - SAP in the Cloud, DATA Archiving S/4Hana

Proceed Group and EASY Software launch the Fully Managed SAP Data Archiving/ILM Cloud Service. The session will introduce a new full-service concept for data management for customers of both current versions of SAP and the latest S/4 HANA using the newly launched EASY Cloud platform. EASY’s heritage of working with over 1,000 SAP customers has now moved into a new phase of development with many organisations adopting cloud-first strategies to maximise business opportunities and ensure data management is fit for purpose.

With Howard Frear, Manager Sales UK, EASY SOFTWARE & Paul Shakeshaft, Head of Content Solutions, Proceed Solutions


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12:00 p.m. | Live Demo – Software & AddOns | SAP

In the 30-minute slot for the live demo, we show you the capabilities of a personnel file integrated into SAP. Experience the modern interface based on SAP Fiori.

With Philipp Robbes, Sales Expert & Rachel Taylor, Director of Finance & Operations, EASY SOFTWARE


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12:30 p.m. | Deep Dive into documents: Data Tools, Collaboration and DocuSign | ECM

Tony Cheung presents EASY DMS, a document management system that lets you work on documents together with others, regardless of location – from document import from any application source and joint editing of documents to signing legally compliant digital signatures.

With Tony Cheung, Technical Director, EASY SOFTWARE


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3:15 p.m. | Document management as an investment for the future

Often companies fear the complexity of implementing a document management system and the supposed costs and change, which can be extremely detrimental when looking to improve their business practises. Sean McLaughlan will show you in this 20-minutes session, that digital document processes pay off in terms of costs and productivity at short notice, and also how you can quickly and easily implement a DMS in your company.

With Sean McLaughlan, Software Consultant, EASY SOFTWARE

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3:45 p.m. | EASY Archive - the boost for your ERP System | ECM

During this dialog, you will learn about the benefits, new capabilities and functions you will gain from integrating your ERP system into the EASY Archive – features you will greatly benefit from, especially in times of changing work methods in remote environments. The versatility of forms creates the flexibility to adapt to any requirement. Cloud, on-premises or hybrid scenarios can be variably combined using state-of-the-art technologies.

With Marc Brudzinski, Manager Engineering & Tony Cheung, Technical Director, EASY SOFTWARE


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4:15 p.m. | Expert panel discussion on 360° Experience Management

Join former VP Market Intelligence of AIIM, Doug Miles, renowned business and technology journalist Sue Tabbitt, and MD of EASY Software Germany, Michael Reiserer for a round table debate and panel discussion on the recent UK and Germany Experience Management market studies. The panel will discuss the extent to which UK and German businesses are succeeding in collecting and utilising experience-related data from their stakeholders and in particular the impact this is having on employee experience.

With Doug Miles, Principal Consultant, Comspec Consulting, Sue Tabbitt, Business and Technology Journalist & Michael C. Reiserer, Managing Director EASY SOFTWARE Germany


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