The Premier League

It is widely regarded as the elite club competition in world football.

It is owned by 20 Shareholders – the member clubs, whose membership in the league is dependent on the performance of their football team in the Barclays Premiership. The roles and objectives of the Premier League are extensive and include to manage, continually improve and be regarded as the world’s best league football competition – on and off the field.

Use our resources to develop playing talent that will provide for international success with the England team at all levels – with the status of World Champions being the realistic goal.

Paper storage is clearly becoming a thing of the past. The document management system has been received very positively and has become a fine example for other departments to automate their paper handling.

Simon Thunder, Head of IT, Premier League


The FAPL sought the advice of Touchstone Group, a supplier of integrated solutions for business and financial management who had supplied its Microsoft Dynamics GP accounts system and expense management solution.

Work began to scan the backlog and create links between the electronic documents and their records in both the finance and expense management systems. Physical records were then removed to off-site storage. “We had achieved our initial goal with all records electronically stored and safe from loss and were already beginning to realise the workflow efficiencies that could be achieved by being able to simply access all related documents from one finance system.” added Simon.


The football department of the FAPL stores a wealth of documents and historical records on the league, its members and players. As one of most significant current and historical FAPL document stores, the football department was next on Simon’s list to be automated with EASY’s electronic document management system.

EASY SOFTWARE worked closely with Simon and his team to integrate EASY ENTERPRISE into the player contract system – FAS. The sensitive nature of these documents is such that all scanning is being done internally.


Under Simon’s stewardship the Premier League has a long term ambition of an electronic document future where each department over time converts to storing and retrieving its documents electronically and archiving off-site documents for long term retention.


The Premier League Document Management system was delivered in partnership with Touchstone Group, a long term, strategic EASY SOFTWARE reseller and integrator.

Providing integrated business software solutions and consultancy services to mid-market & enterprise level organisations, Touchstone Group works closely with its clients to improve their businesses by exploiting the true potential of technology.

Touchstone Group combines an intimate knowledge of its clients’ vertical markets with a strong portfolio of chosen partners, each a respected leader in their field of expertise and fully qualified to support the entire integration process.

The Group’s primary goal is to guide and help each client to find the optimal technology for its business needs across a broad spectrum of activities including: ERP, CRM, corporate performance management, procurement, document and records management and enterprise resource management.

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