2013, Ad-hoc Reports

Resolutions approved by the general meeting dated July 26, 2012

The general meeting dated July 26, 2012 approved the following resolutions:
1. Attorney Dr. Thomas Heidel of the law firm Meilicke Hoffmann and Partners of Bonn (Germany) has been appointed special representative according to Clause 147, para. 1 AktG (German Stock Corporation Act) to claim compensation against the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. The compensation to be claimed arises from specific business deals of the company with related parties which, according to the view of the general meeting, were not undertaken at arm’s length, as with unrelated third parties.
2. Auditor/tax consultant/CPA Rosemarie Helwig of Helwig auditing company Helwig, Lenz Wirtschaftsprüfer Compliance Beratung has been appointed special auditor according to Clause 142, para. 1, sentence 1 of the German Stock Corporation Act. The subject this special audit are to be all business deals concluded between the company and related parties. The special auditor is to determine whether the business deals of the company with related parties were concluded and undertaken at arm’s length, as with unrelated third parties: in particular, to determine whether business deals with IPM GmbH and its subsidiaries as well as companies controlled by Manfred A. Wagner were concluded without the business deals being reported as business deals with related parties.
3. Ebner Stolz Mönning Bachem Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaft (Auditors Tax Consultants Attorneys partnership) of Cologne (Germany) has been appointed as the auditor for the annual and consolidated financial statement for FY 2012 and as the auditor for reviewing the financial report for the first half of FY 2012
Detailed information can be obtained from the documents on the general meeting, which can be viewed on the company’s home page at www.easy-software.com.

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