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SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference brings together the elements of the intelligent enterprise by showcasing end-to-end solutions that meet today´s business challenges.

SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference is the most innovative cloud and business technology conference designed for business leaders and IT professionals.

What we have learned so far from SAPPHIRE 2019

Experience matters is the key take away from SAPPHIRE. The combination of emotional data (experience data / X-data) and operational data (O-data) builds a competitive advantage as companies receive feedback in real time on their business processes and improve instantaneously. Bridging the experience gap of your customers, suppliers and employees creates value and distinguishes companies from its competitors. Along the Hire to Retire process, it makes a real difference to win the War for Talents. X/O and the Qualtrics Acquisition of SAP were the overarching theme of SAPPHIRE 2019. SAP may have put itself in a leading position by setting the trend to the market, but they thus need to ensure to take their customer base along to benefit from it.

In addition, there were a lot of smaller next steps such as the Analytic Cloud. SAP strengthens its partnership with Apple and will cooperate further in the light of User Experience and AI components. Most important: both companies share the same vision of data privacy and data protection due to their strongly believethat the data is owned by its customers.

That pace of change at SAP is still high and it is important to take customers and employees with you.

The overall SAPPHIRE event organization was great, though the experience along the concert as a highlight should be measured by Qualtrics to improve from a drive in and out event. Eat your own dogfood. Enlightening was the interview of Sandra Bullock as she was very down to earth and authentic. The charity part of SAP felt a little short but had really inspiring topics.

Derek Lambert live from SAPPHIRE NOW - meet us at booth #1342

We have had many exciting conversations about helping solve numerous business challenges leveraging our SAP product portfolio. EASY SOFTWARE is thrilled to part of SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 with such an international team from the Group from all over the globe! Meet Derek Lambert from the US, who is delighted to be engaging with new partners and customers at SAPPHIRE.

Come by and visit us!

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SAP MM - Antonio Del Negro on how to increase cost efficiency

Smooth production and rapid marketing processes only work when they are based on clean master data. Learn how EASY automates, optimizes, and simplifies the creation of your material master data so that procurement, production, and sales processes run efficiently.

Meet Antonio Del Negro at SAPPHIRE NOW to discover efficient Master Data Management.

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The Combination of X and O

Combine Xs from Qualtrics & Os from SAP with our X/O App. By combining experience and operational data, companies can optimize their businesses and gain clear competitive advantages.
Come see the X/O App in action and talk to Travis about how experiences can transform our business.

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"Innovation is going to happen, just relax and learn", Sandra Bullock

The Artist, Producer and Philanthropist opened the third day of SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 with SAP CEO Bill McDermott, CMO Alicia Tilman and guests on the topic how innovation can make a change in the world and how everybody of us can strive to be the best and make a difference in leadership, experience and impact. “Don’t underestimate the impact you have on other persons”, said Karlie Kloss, Supermodel and Entrepreneur. We share the same mission. With the WINIT Program (Women in IT) EASY SOFTWARE promotes women in the IT industry. We tell you more about our impact at our booth 1342.

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Support your HR team in the War for Talent

For HR departments looking to extend beyond traditional boundaries and provide a richer user experience, EASY SOFTWARE has a variety of solutions to fit into your SAP deployment. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, our HCM and SuccessFactors Employee File solutions complement and extend native SAP functionality to provide employees and HR teams with a more comprehensive and user-friendly customer experience.

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Mike Rennell live from SAPPHIRE NOW on Material Master Data Management

The management of Material Master Data creation and change across the Enterprise is a common (and costly) challenge for organizations large and small. Fortunately, EASY SOFTWARE’s Material Master Data Management solution provides a streamlined, intuitive solution that delivers unparalleled cost savings and near-immediate ROI. Meet us at booth # 1342 to learn more.

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Accelerate digital transformation with mobile service apps

SAP Cloud Platform enables open architecture, optimizes and automates processes using SAP Leonardo and ML, and provides insights using cloud and predictive analytics. On this base you can create professional apps for field service which simplify logistics and communication as well as increase efficiency and flexibility. In our blog post, we will show you how your company can reap the benefits for field service employees.

X Data, experience data is the new kid on the block

The new kid on the block: X Data

X Data, experience data is the new kid on the block

Prof. Hasso Plattner, SAP co-founder and chairman of the SAP Supervisory Board, shares in the opening speech of day 2 at SAPPHIRE NOW details of how SAP is delivering the Intelligent Enterprise for our customers. An easy example how that works: The operational data (O) delivers which sales employee is the most successful. But the experience data (X) combines all internal and external data and can predict based on behavior when a sales representative will leave the company.

Discover our X/O App and meet ApiOmat CEO Marcel Etzel

This SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG is all about managing experience. This is a sustainable competitive advantage, and it is predictable. Disruption happens in experience gaps and no industry or market is immune. Learn how you can do more and discover our X/O-App to measure customer experience in realtime. Read our blog about how the Multi-Experience-Platform ApiOmat can boost your business with Low Code. Or even better: talk to Marcel Etzel, CEO from ApiOmat at booth 1342.

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Barbara Lindstädt, International Alliance Manager live from SAPPHIRE NOW

Accelerate your business with EASY for SAP – and become an EASY Partner! Talk about your perfect entry into new markets and business opportunities with our international Alliance Manager Barbara. She is happy to have a chat with you at SAPPHIRE NOW at booth 1342. For more information about our partner strategy check out our website. Whoop whoop, together we can reach more!

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Meet us at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

Changes in the economy, society, and environment are occurring faster and faster, affecting every company, creating business challenges never seen before.

EASY SOFTWARE is proud to be an exhibitor of SAPPHIRE NOW for the first time and showcasing end-to-end solutions that meet today´s business challenges. For example, with the new X/O App, we show how companies can build multi-experience applications while integrating any of their SAP solutions to bridge the experience gap.

Join us in Orlando, Florida, on May 7–9, 2019, and make your appointment at our booth #1342. We are looking forward to talking with you!

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Next level automation with SAP S/4HANA and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW. How can companies use the benefits for invoice processing? With built-in machine learning technology companies are able to reduce the daily business routine and experience the latest business automation scenarios, enabled by SAP S/4HANA. Learn in our blog article how AI is being used for incoming invoice processing.

SAP SuccessFactors improves user experience

SAP Employee Self Service

Frank Bareis, Director of Productmanagement of SAP show how the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution is changing what users should expect from a modern core HR system. In fact that’s a hot topic in HR departments. They are looking for new ways to automate routine tasks and thus gain more freedom for strategic HR tasks. Employee self-service, which can be used to digitalize communication between employees and HR departments, is playing an increasingly decisive role in this. Read more on Employee and Manager Self Services with SAP Software in our blog.

SAP Employee Self Service
Shell speaks at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

Shell report from their experience with SAP HANA Cloud

Shell speaks at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

Jay Crotts CIO of Shell speaks about the benefits of moving onto SAP HANA Cloud, because “no matter if it’s fashion or automotive, experience management becomes an imperative for successful companies. The Cloud made us faster to apply new solutions and differentiate from competitors.” Summary: 1. Experience is everything. 2. The intelligent Enterprise 3. Remember your Xs and Os – the new frontier of a best run business. Read all about the EASY X/O App in our blog.  Even better: come to our booth 1342, experience our X/O App live (and get some ice cream by the way, at 1 p.m….).

SAP CEO Bill McDermott about new challenges

Bill McDermott SAPPHIRE 2019

Bill Mc Dermott and guests open the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 with a discussion about new challenges but also opportunities in the experience economy. Since 2010 SAP made 70 Billion Dollar investments into new technologies and innovation for a better user experience. That paid of with 100k employees of SAP in 190 countries. So, what is experience management all about and how customers can improve it for their very own new business models? Come to our booth 1342 and speak with our EASY SOFTWARE experts about accelarating your user experience with our solutions for SAP Software.

Bill McDermott SAPPHIRE 2019
SAP Partner Summit 2019

SAP has a clear partner strategy

SAP Partner Summit 2019

The exhibition at the Partner Summit yesterday was arranged according to topics so that each partner could obtain information easy. Barbara Lindstädt, our international alliance manager had already an expert discussion about SuccessFactors. SAP and also EASY SOFTWARE have a clear partner strategy through growth. Get more information about this on our partner site.

Adaire Fox-Martin on the Experience Gap

EASY SOFTWARE at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 - Adaire Fox-Martin

Let’s kick off the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 week with the Global Partner Summit. Speaker Adaire Fox-Martin, a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, leading Global Customer Operations, opened the day with speaking about the experience gap and the experience ecomony. How operational and Emotional (experience data) are going to be the next big thing? Learn more about Experience Management at the booth 1342 of EASY SOFTWARE.

EASY SOFTWARE at SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 - Adaire Fox-Martin
Master Data Management and Internet of Things (IoT)

How IoT challenges SAP Master Data Management

Master Data Management and Internet of Things (IoT)

There are a lot of opportunities for automated production with IoT. But it is also triggering the exponential growth of the volume of data. Complex analyses only create real added value if they relate existing master data to newly created IoT data points. Read in our blog how companies overcome the challenges of Big Data.

Artificial Intelligence and Invoice Processing

Modern systems capture a very high proportion of documents accurately. This is achieved by combining specialized algorithms: Image recognizers use AI to eliminate disturbances and to optimize image quality. Read here how AI optimizes the Invoice process.

Articial Intelligence enhances classic Content Management

Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes Content Management

Articial Intelligence enhances classic Content Management

We digitized business processes along the technological capabilities and performance since the 1970s. So, what is different today when we talk about digitization? Our CEO Dieter Weisshaar at the start of SAPPHIRE NOW about the convergence of Content Management and multi experience platforms. Data analytics, AI, and multi experience services will enable us to create scalable use cases for the enterprise world in a fast mode without programming.

In the EASY-Platform Process2Design, we found the right product to fully shift our processes to SAP. The software works like a paper clip drawing together all the
activities and creating total transparency in material creation.

Claudia Kaufmann, Project Manager Vetter Optimization System

Claudia Kaufmann, Project Manager Vetter Optimization System

Our solutions for SAP® software at

SAP Silver Partner

Workflow-based Platform

EASY Process2Design: With this platform, we build robust, workflow-based business processes in communication with the digital core of the SAP system in no time.


  • Flexible design of executable business processes
  • Automate any process
  • Electronic forms


EASY ApiOmat: This is how modern and personalized user experience works across all end devices. Quickly develop new applications for any frontend.


  • Multidevice
  • Native iOS/Android apps
  • Alexa skills (voice applications)

Product Expertise

EASY Process2Go: Ready-to-use products for various company departments at any time. Refine your SAP software with add-ons from EASY.


  • Contract management
  • Digital personnel file
  • Material master data management
  • Invoice management

Make an appointment with EASY SOFTWARE at SAPPHIRE NOW and unleash your potential.