Enterprise Mobility:
More freedom. Achieve more.

Your business for on the go.

How do companies create their own mobile apps? Can you have apps programmed? Is there an app construction kit? Three questions that are becoming more and more important. Because companies face the constant challenge of optimizing and accelerating their processes. That is the only way they can keep pace with their competition and work more profitably.

Enterprise mobility solutions have long been more than just a trend within the digital transformation. Mobile apps for companies have now developed into a key factor for higher process quality, an improved company image, and a stronger standing in the market. They make companies more flexible and more agile. They increase customer satisfaction. They provide more motivated and more satisfied employees.


Optimised business processes
Increased user flexibility & mobility
Increased user productivity
Improved collaboration between users
Faster decision-making processes

*Source: IDC Central Europe GmbH


EASY Cloud makes enterprise mobility child’s play. Because creating mobile apps for companies doesn’t have to be complicated. Not even when company structures or workflows are complex. With the help of versatile business apps for every conceivable process, companies ensure more efficiency, because mobile solutions integrate employees who are out and about. The direct integration of customers in the processes is also an elementary advantage for perfect service.

The modular and multi-layered “as-a-Service” EASY Cloud Platform facilitates the integration of business processes and the inclusion of a wide variety of system in a business app. The EASY Cloud Platform is both a professional platform for the easy and efficient programming of mobile applications and a development, test, and runtime environment in one. Even more, it will integrate any backend system. Even existing legacy systems can be mobilized with the app toolkit.

The development of apps is easier than ever with the EASY Cloud Platform. Software development kits (SDKs) and standard connectors shorten the development time. Applications are quickly run-capable and communicate with the central company applications in real time. The connectors in particular enable the especially fast, bidirectional transfer of data and guarantee the immediate synchronization of data between headquarters, branch office, and mobile employees. State-of-the-art, highly secure Cloud technology is used, in your own server center or the EASY server center. EASY Cloud meets every need.

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