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VOI survey confirms EASY SOFTWARE AG is the leader in the German DMS market

The current survey conducted by VOI (Verband Organisations- und Informationssysteme e. V.) on the issue of “Document management in Germany 2007” confirms EASY SOFTWARE AG is the leader in the German DMS market. According to this survey, the Mühlheim-based software manufacturer continues to produce and sell the product with the largest market share and is best known even among prospective customers who do not yet archive and manage their business documents electronically.

Continuing and supplementing its initial representative market survey of 2003, VOI had commissioned another survey for 2007 to determine, among others, the current market potential of document management systems (DMS) in the Federal Republic of Germany and to enable more accurate market communication for providers.  The current survey is based on statements made by 1,096 German companies of different size and from the most varied industries.
As with the initial market survey, this new survey has revealed that EASY SOFTWARE AG is the top provider regarding all survey categories. Although there is actually no dominant DMS provider in the market, EASY ENTERPRISE, mentioned by 12.2%, is clearly deployed more frequently in German companies than any other system (the second-best manufacturer reaches only 6.9% in this category).
Even among respondents not yet using any document management system, and who are potential prospects, EASY is by far and away best known. Answering the question “Which product name do you associate with DMS?”, 15.3% of companies said it was the name of EASY that they most associated with document management. Thus, EASY is named more than twice as often as the second-best manufacturer (7.1%). In this context, the VOI survey concludes: “EASY is unequivocally the best known provider. […] This matches exactly the results of the initial survey.”
Josef Gemeri, Senior Executive at EASY SOFTWARE AG, is very satisfied with the new survey’s results. But he is also aware of increasing requirements: “The statements made by the VOI survey are very good news to EASY SOFTWARE AG and they are an outstanding acknowledgement of our work. At the same time, however, the survey points out that over 65% of respondent enterprises are totally inexperienced in the use of document management systems.
This represents a tremendous opportunity which we plan to exploit in cooperation with our partners in order to conquer further market shares and to make EASY products even better known.  We’ve already laid the foundation stone for this: Our new certification model will help making the excellent qualifications of our partners even more transparent to customers. This advantage will give them a clear competitive edge.”

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