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Integration: EASY for SAP – Archiving Plus

EASY for SAP – Archiving Plus supplements stored (level 1) documents in the archive with business data. Documents attributed in this way can be found independent of SAP according to clear operational criteria. All EASY ECM functions are available for users. Complete process chains (such as order transactions) are represented as files and can be surveyed easily. SAP documents along with other corporate information are clearly arranged and available in one place.


EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH


Integration: EASY for SAP – Archiving

EASY for SAP – Archiving is the complementary interface to SAP Archive Link. It is functionally certified by SAP. Among other things, this interface allows storage and retrieval of any kind of outgoing files (client invoices, purchase orders, order confirmations, pay slips) and incoming documents (e.g. invoices, credit memos, customer orders, technical drawings, employee certificates, product data sheets), print lists (e.g. journals, account lists, evaluations), files from SAP data archiving and DART extracts to meet tax authority requirements.


EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH


Integration: EASY for SAP – Advanced Attachment List

EASY for SAP – Advanced Attachment List complements the standard SAP system list with new functionalities for structured representation of all attachments. Furthermore, the systems can be made distinguishable through additional information. This information can also be taken over by SAP by accessing corporate archives automatically.


EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH


Interface/Integration: EASY-SYNC/400

As part of the technology partnership between the SYNCHRON GmbH and EASY SOFTWARE AG, modern integration software has been developed for intelligent connection of IBM Power Systems, such as AS/400, iSeries, System i, and IBM i platform, with the product line EASY ECM. This makes it possible to connect all common ERP and software solutions on the IBM platform trouble-free and without intervention in the software.

EASY-SYNC/400 is a perfect alternative to traditional, pure system i-archiving systems and features high flexibility and scalability.

The slogan for efficiency, comfort and safety in the system i-DMS landscape is: EASY-SYNC/400. Highest quality demands were made on design and implementation of EASY-SYNC/400.

Interfaces are just as consistent and user-friendly as optimum performance and handling of all processes.

>> AS/400, iSeries-, System i-, IBM i-documents manage efficiently and quickly << With EASY-SYNC/400, all documents generated fully automatically on System i can be archived in EASY ENTERPRISE. Search and display occur conveniently by means of the System i application. In order to respond flexibly to requirements, EASY-SYNC/400 has a modular design.


EASY-SYNC/400 base – the ideal introduction for user-friendly spool file archiving This module provides very convenient options for selecting and preparing printouts in *SCS format on System I and transferring them fully automatically to EASY Archive. It consists of a control program that allows setting all necessary configuration data and assumes handling between the System i and EASY ECM.


EASY-SYNC/400 converter – fully automated conversion to PC file formats Components for processing print output in *AFP, *IPDS or expanded *SCS format. By means of conversion, *PDF, *TIFF or *.TXT files can be generated for archiving in EASY Archive.


EASY-SYNC/400 search – searching directly from the System i application This module offers the possibility of completely integrating all search functions in System i applications. The entire process takes place on the host and requires no additional software on the search clients.


EASY-SYNC/400 Web search – the Internet as a search medium The Web search module is the browser-controlled variant for searching directly in EASY Archive from the system. The complete integration of all search functions in System i applications and the subsequent display via a browser has been implemented in this module. This enables worldwide access to the archive via the Internet and/or Intranet.


EASY-SYNC/400 migration tools – archive acquisitions Due to EASY-SYNC/400 migration solutions, company data from electronic archives by different manufacturers can be transferred to EASY Archive quickly and reliably. For many projects, archives have already been converted with several million documents and transferred correctly to EASY.

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EASY SOFTWARE Deutschland GmbH


Interface/Integration: EASY for ARRIBA

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RIB Software SE



With VISIONICE filePROCESSOR you can automatically archive your outgoing records or all correspondence in EASY Archive without user intervention. Whether you use an ERP system for printing documents or a specific industry solution for creating your business letters, filePROCESSOR can be used universally. Archiving and indexing operate fully automatically. Even existing data storage can be archived and indexed fully automatically. The folder structure and file names may be used for indexing in connection with a database link. Add-ons in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook and Acrobat PDF Reader enable contextual filing at the push of a button.

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