Digital contract management made easy

The whole process in one piece of software

EASY Contract is the modern, web-based contract management software which you can use to create contracts, work on them as a team, digitally sign contracts and finally file them away. All contracts are managed and processed centrally and without any inconsistencies in media format. Whether on-premises or contract management for rent as Software as a Service – you decide.


Digital contract management with EASY Contract means ensuring a significant plus in efficiency and transparency for the company. Anytime and anywhere: keep track of all signed contracts and receive electronic support when creating new contracts using contract templates. Even contract periods can be successfully managed in no time with the contract management software: you will receive an automatic reminder before periods expire. Digital contract management keeps you in the loop. If needs be, on a smartphone or tablet too. Our digital contract management software is always in sync and restores changes immediately after a connection disruption.

Create contracts

Modern contract management starts wherever the optimization potential is the greatest: for efficient collaborations between all those involved in the process and for avoiding inconsistencies in media format through intelligent digital solutions. This helps reduce processing times and make the entire workflow more predictable and reliable.

You can create new contracts in an instant by selecting from existing templates, passages of text and parameters, or by uploading new contract templates. This ensures consistency when creating contracts. Automated workflows enable efficient and error-free testing and releasing, and the contract period checks allow you to keep a constant eye on everything.

Process flow EASY Contract

Working together

Whether it’s via Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft Office 365, the new feature in the contract management software makes it possible to work directly on a contract with the entire team on an equal footing, and everything is handled digitally. Do you want to negotiate contractual terms with a new partner? No problem! Simply assign them permissions, upload the contract to the cloud and you’re off, regardless of where your contract partner is.

For collaboration as a team, you’ll need access to collaboration tools in addition to the contract management software. You can find more information on the websites for Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft 365.

By the way, the collaboration feature is now available for all our solutions for document-intensive processes. You can also find out more from our blog, “Collaborative Work & Document Management”.

Sign contracts digitally

Everything is finished, the contract is complete, it just needs to be signed. Collective work on the contract has made the process more transparent and efficient for all involved. When it comes to the signature, though, many reach for a printer and a pen again, thus causing an unnecessary inconsistency in media format. But you can sign the contract in a legal and accountable way directly from the contract management system using an electronic signature.

The market leader in digital signatures, DocuSign, makes it possible for you to create a conclusive digital signature. The signature request goes out by email. The digitally signed document is then uploaded separately and contains all the changes made in a change history. DocuSign is already integrated into the contract management system EASY Contract.

Archive contracts

A new feature in the contract management software is the connection to an archiving system. With a click, you can put your finished contracts in revision-proof, automated storage. Afterwards, you’ll be able to retrieve them at any time using full-text search, including a detailed log of all the stages of work carried out on the contract.

Legal certainty is the basis for contract management. Select a provider supporting legal standards such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and the GDPdU (principles of data access and auditability of digital documents).

Read our white paper to find out more about how contract life cycles affect your company and the best way for you to manage this.

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The advantages of our contract management software at a glance

  • Transparency
    Location-independent management of contracts of any kind; authorized representatives of the responsible departments always have access to contracts.
  • Integrated deadline management
    Multi-level deadline calendar with escalation mechanisms ensures that missed deadlines are a thing of the past thanks to automatically sent reminders.
  • Revision security
    Storage of the contract documents in the revision-proof EASY storage system; a detailed logging of the work steps facilitates revision security.
  • Fine-grained authorization concept
    DThe authorization concept of EASY Contract stands out thanks to high adaptability while at the same time retaining clarity. This provides a clear regulation of responsibilities.
  • Reduction of cycle times
    Shortening of cycle times thanks to process controlled support from creation to signing of the contracts.
  • Full text search
    The EASY contract management software offers high-powered search options and convenient search and filter functions: thanks for one thing to the simple keywording of contracts and also thanks to the full text search option.

Why is contract lifecycle management unavoidable?

This whitepaper provides recommendations for sales, legal, procurement and finance professionals who want to grow within their businesses.

  • Learn how the lifecycle of contracts affects your business
  • Find out why your company should use contract lifecycle management
  • Experience best practices for contract lifecycle management
  • What questions should your company ask itself when deciding on a solution?

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Digital Contract Management

Potentials in the process and process flow of the electronic contract management

Our contract management software supports the complete lifecycle of a contract: contract proposal, contract creation, contract monitoring, contract controlling. With Contract, you have a handle on even complex approval workflows with version and template management. No matter if it’s service, maintenance, lease, cooperation, purchase, or support contracts. Regardless of the contract type – you always have secure control over your contracts and gain efficiency with EASY Contract. Contract management software that provides a wide variety of applications – such as electronic purchase requisition, invoice, and HR – with the relevant legal documents.

Reporting & Controlling

EASY Contract offers effective instruments for valid liquidity planning. Thus, for example, you can create several payment plans per contract. Our digital contract management distinguishes between budget and target figures and delivers aggregated evaluations of the payment plans across several contracts and contract types. EASY Contract – for secure planning and meaningful controlling.

Clarity provides quick reaction times

EASY Contract includes an integrated contract partner and contact management which can be coupled with external sources such as the supplier master data. The management of contacts in the context of contract management is handled in a flash with our EASY Contract software.

Uniform contract templates

Companies often struggle in this context with inconsistent templates for the creation of a wide variety of contract types – from service contracts to maintenance contracts. Our digital contract management handles the provision of uniform templates for the creation of contracts. That saves time and money and ensures legal security.

Liquidity management

With our contract management software, you can conveniently manage a variety of payment types with the touch of a button. You keep an overview of incoming and outgoing payments and control them at the same time – no matter if it’s a one-time payment or a series of payments.

Changes always in view

Also gone are the days when contracts had to be tediously sought and an unclear contract history could lead to erroneous or outdated reporting. With the contract management software, you have a comprehensive overview of a contract’s complete history any time.

Top features of Contract Management

Editierbare Dasboars im Contract Management von EASY

Editable dashboard

The dashboard for the overview of all contracts is customizable if desired. That way, you always have your overview of all contracts, all important figures, data and facts available. The best part is that with a simple click on the individual graphic elements, you can drill down into a more detailed view. Even on a smartphone or tablet. And so perfect for when you’re on the way from here to there – or during contract negotiations when speed is called for.


Integrated chat functions

Gone are the days of back and forth by email and telephone. EASY Contract offers a chat function for every contract. Do you have questions about a contract detail? If you’re not in a hurry, just go ahead and start chatting with other colleagues who are authorized in the contract management. The best part is that the context is preserved – and that way there is no annoying and time-consuming communication about which contract the questions refer to and so on.


Auch das Empfangen von Nachrichten ist mit EASY Contract Management möglich.
Vertragsmanagement leichtgemacht. Illustration.

Contract contents and history – cleanly structured

EASY Contract structures contracts hierarchically. Framework contracts can be defined. In that case, the contract management solution dynamically creates a new tab on which all of the contracts subordinate to the framework contract are listed. Dependencies can be spotted at a glance. Modern contract management is that easy; “traveling” into the past – of your contracts – is that easy.


Simple management of payment series

It has never been so easy to manage a variety of payment types. No matter if there is a one-time payment for the contract or if it is a lease contract with a series of payments. You can set up several payment plans for each contract in no time – and comply with the budget planning using the contract management. Of course, you can also display this graphically through EASY Contract.


Sauber und strukturiert – alle Zahlen des Vertragsmanagements im Blick. Illustration
Vertragsmanagement aufs Leichteste: Keine Frist mehr verpassen. Illustration

Deadline management – keep an eye on deadlines

Of course, deadline management is a feature of EASY Contract. Thanks to multi-level deadline calendars with reminder function and escalation mechanisms, missed deadlines are a thing of the past. Get reminded directly in the contract management or by email. Never lose another advantage to a missed deadline. That pays off!


EASY Contract – ready for enterprise mobility

EASY Contract is ready for enterprise mobility. Use the contract management software as an app on an iOS/Android smartphone or tablet. Or as a responsive web application on any device. A real helper when it counts – even without a working mobile network, if you happen to be sitting in a plane. Every contract in one app. Modern contract management can be that easy.


Vertragsmanagement auf jedem Device: Enterprise-Mobile-ready. Illustration Mobile-ready

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