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Provides specialist and individually tailored insurance solutions that meet the diverse needs of the livestock industry

The team, lead by livestock insurance expert, Emma Stamper, are specialists in their field and all of their insurance products have been carefully researched and developed to provide clients with new and dynamic answers to the many insurance challenges they face.

In common with many other organisations, Crowe Livestock had reached a crossroads in its endeavours to manage paper based information while keeping customer service levels high and meeting the regulatory needs of the FSA. Specifically, it needed to be able to give its underwriting team access to documents and files more speedily both in the office and on the move, and to free up key staff from time consuming, unrewarding paper filing and retrieving tasks.

While under no illusions about the practicalities of ridding its offices of paper entirely, Crowe Livestock knew it needed to take fairly radical action to scan and store its documents electronically and free itself of the costly and constraining burden of relying on hard copy underwriting files.

EASY did exactly what it described and at an affordable price. The team was a delight to work with and skills transfer was straightforward and comprehensive meaning we have a system that we self manage, and that has transformed our way of working.

Charlotte Wallace, Associate Director at Crowe Livestock Underwritin



As Charlotte Wallace, Associate Director at Crowe Livestock Underwriting, explains: “Paper was beginning to consume our offices and our business and was fast becoming a nightmare – not only because of storage costs and the inconvenience of constant filing and re-filing, but because it is also very exposed to being lost or damaged through fire and flood. By its nature it is ‘single user’ so it can’t be viewed by more than one person at a time unless of course you photocopy and compound the paper and storage problem. The amount of time and expensive resource that is wasted wading through paper, not to mention the inconvenience to service levels and response times, is staggering.”

The team at Crowe Livestock needed to find the most cost effective and least disruptive way of capturing, managing and sharing their underwriting files electronically, while ensuring that content remained secure and compliant with FSA regulations and legal storage requirements. Furthermore the solution needed to be accessed remotely by the underwriting team for their weekly London commute – a task that hitherto involved physically carrying the paper files.

The resulting solution needed to enable faster and easier access to underwriting information, regardless of location; provide easier backup and protection of the files; and to deliver a substantial reduction in both the use of printed paper and the physical file storage that was already occupying too much of the office. Equally important was that the resulting solution did not cost the earth, and was not so complex that it would hamper staff as they went about their work.


Crowe Livestock selected EASY SOFTWARE to provide and implement a document scanning, retrieval and archive solution to store and manage its underwriting files. EASY SOFTWARE has been providing Document Management solutions for over 17 years. Now a couple of years down the line, the team cannot imagine going back to their old paper file days. “It is hard to imagine how we worked that way,” added Charlotte. “With our files scanned and stored electronically we have instant visibility of who has done what each day and where the documents are. We now conduct our daily underwriting meetings with all of the documents to hand at the touch of a button. Whether by document date, underwriter name or simply all the active documents being worked on, we can access them in seconds and make better, more informed decisions.”

Switching to this electronic paradigm has seen tangible benefits emerge rapidly. Charlotte reports rapid information retrieval times both in the office and while on the move, reduced storage costs, and greater job morale for key staff that no longer have to dedicate time to filing, refiling and unearthing documents.


Additionally, as a result of deploying the EASY document scanning, retrieval and archive solution, Crowe Livestock can focus its recruitment on underwriters rather than expensive administration assistants as the volume of paper being handled is so reduced. The need to invest in an administration team simply to ‘manage’ the document mountain is a thing of the past.

“I can’t recommend EASY highly enough,” Charlotte concludes.“Paper slows a business down and in a paper intensive environment such as ours, costs can quickly escalate simply employing people to keep track of and manage paper. Productivity and efficiency clearly take a hit too as does exposure to lack of compliance and risk. EASY’s EDM system moves us to a new dimension in working with instant visibility of our underwriting files wherever we are. This gives us secure, accessible information at our fingertips, liberates staff from the relentless and repetitive filing tasks and allows us to give a better, faster service to our customers.”

EASY did exactly what it described and at an affordable price. The team was a delight to work with and skills transfer was straightforward and comprehensive meaning we have a system that we self manage, and that has transformed our way of working.”

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