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EASY SOFTWARE supports companies in the digital transformation with, among other things, the EASY Cloud Platform. Using native Cloud applications and interfaces, it integrates existing infrastructures and connects people, processes and systems. The simple idea behind it is to offer what people in companies want: simple, mobile solutions, anywhere and with the help of Cloud services.

Specifically, Lexware, a brand of the Haufe Group, and EASY in a joint project have offered the Lexware Cloud Archive for small companies since mid-2017. EASY SOFTWARE provides a powerful Cloud archive for small business customers of Lexware – at any rate around one million potential customers.

Acceptance is high. The reason: with the solution, small-scale entrepreneurs benefit from the revision-proof, GoBD archiving of their documents and records on highly available EASY servers in Germany. All they have to do is install a client and select the directory to be monitored. Once that’s done, the solution automatically takes care of the revision-proof archiving of the files and the documentation of their processing history.

Use of Cloud computing in companies

Source: Cloud Monitor 2017 from KPMG and Bitkom Research

0 %
Two thirds of companies (65 percent) in Central Europe used Cloud computing in 2016
+ 0 %
Compared to the previous year, the percentage of Cloud users in companies rose by eleven percentage points to 54 percent.
0 %
A clear majority of users consider company data in the Cloud to be secure
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Wilmington PLC

At WILMINGTON PLC, EASY SOFTWARE implemented digital workflow, based on EASY DMS, for capturing and further processing data.


Successively, Gemdat began to integrate EASY intoall its key workflows. “The results are plain to see. Even the most critical voices are now convinced ofthe benefits of this software,” explains Michael Gugler, Project Manager for EASY at Gemdat.

City of Gelsenkirchen

Like many large cities, the city administration of Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr region has its own IT service provider. For more than 20 years, this company has been continuously developing the administration's digital hardware and software infrastructure. An important component is the application area of document management and archiving.
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