Operational excellence

Through digital processes

Digital transformation at Pegasus Airlines

Pegasus Airlines is one of the leading providers of low-cost flights within Turkey and internationally. More than 80 aircrafts transport over 30 million passengers annually to 111 destinations in Turkey and abroad. Low fares with high service quality require maximum efficiency in all work processes. For this reason, Pegasus Airlines was looking for ideal support in the digital transformation process – with the goal of being the digital airline of Turkey.

Together with EASY and with the help of technologies such as Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence, Pegasus Airlines’ digitalization strategy aims not only to improve the customer experience, but also the internal processes of its employees. Pegasus Airlines uses EASY workflow and document management systems in comprehensive application areas – from financial, HR and maintenance processes to contract and warranty management. Existing applications were easily integrated with the EASY systems.

“Since we no longer have to deal with circulating paper-based documents or printing receipts, colleagues in my department can save more than an hour per person per day. Inefficiencies disappear thanks to EASY,” says Burak Erdoğan, Accounting Specialist at Pegasus Airlines.


With each of these digital processes, Pegasus achieves operational excellence, creating valuable resources. This is what digital transformation means to Pegasus Airlines: creating real value instead of being constrained by paper-based processes. According to Rıza Onur Bektaş, responsible for fleet management, Pegasus will be able to spend the time thus gained on strategic activities – such as evaluating new aircraft types and alternatives.


The next goal is to integrate all processes at Pegasus into EASY. Integration with SAP is also planned.


We live in a digitalized world; and if you are not digital, you are not competitive. EASY SOFTWARE is an eye-to-eye partner that identifies my problems before I even talk about them”

Zehra Filiz Koçhan,
Head of Enterprise Solutions at Pegasus Airlines

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