Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Why should you choose EASY as a Platform as a Service provider? Well, a lot of companies offer Platform as a Service. But there is only one EASY Cloud Platform. And it is simply unique for the individual digitization of your company. Because it provides you with a simple entry into the digital transformation and business models of tomorrow with its multi-faceted Cloud-based tools and PaaS services. With it, you can develop fun business Cloud services in no time.

The advantages:

  • The EASY Cloud Platform reduces complexity and finally makes preparation and integration intuitive – thanks to a steadily growing number of services, applications and powerful interfaces.
  • Thanks to the PaaS services of the EASY Cloud Platform, you are able concentrate completely on the development of first-class apps with an outstanding user experience.
  • The complete infrastructure is located in the Cloud. EASY takes care of server provision, upgrades, authentications and like for you.
  • You gain agility – because development tools and the programming environment in the EASY Cloud Platform are always state-of-the-art, allowing you a fast time to market.
  • Your investment costs for the development of a new app are significantly lower. Since are able to rely on existing standard apps and powerful SDKs, you don’t have to start from square one every time.


On the way from the traditional, self-contained company to the digitally mature, networked play, a variety of trends must be adapted.

As a central instance, the EASY Cloud Platform supports this and makes the business agile and innovative.

Platform as a Service


With the EASY Cloud Platform, EASY partners move from resellers to solution providers and integrate exactly the solutions their customers need – faster than ever. From the intuitive standard application to the custom business app to the mobilization of software systems and company processes. All based on a central platform which stands for the highest degree of scalability.

With the EASY Cloud Platform we have the right answer for your requirements in digital transformation. Make the leap to a digital company with us.

Marcel Etzel, EASY ApiOmat



The digital transformation is being implemented in more and more companies. A core subject here is the mobilization of tasks and organizations. But how can companies provide mobile business processes? We have an easy answer: ENTERPRISE MOBILITY.



Easy Cloud Platform. Anytime. Anywhere.

Faster and more innovative.

The EASY Cloud Platform gives you peace of mind when facing your competition with startups and new competitors. You’ll benefit from cloud applications that map business processes end-to-end. Easier and faster than ever. This is made possible by sacrificing complex programming languages, the use of software development kits (SDKs), and an active community whose certified third-party apps you can access anytime.

Anywhere you go – on any device.

Remove platform and system boundaries. Improve user experience, effectiveness and productivity on the customer side. The EASY Cloud Platform makes connecting and integrating back-end systems a breeze, just as it does integrating versatile devices. Because it works across devices, systems, and browsers.

Easy to get started

Why not use a new cloud strategy that will work even side by side with existing legacy systems when needed? One that generates added value completely regardless of the on-premises environment? The EASY Cloud Platform is the gentle, yet absolutely powerful entry into the cloud environment. Your key to new and future-proof sources of revenue.

Disable dependencies

Speed up and simplify deploying, installing and performing upgrades. You will find everything you need on the EASY Cloud Platform. It helps make the release version of legacy systems irrelevant to maintaining and running the cloud apps.


Provide maximum cost transparency and use investment-friendly Platform-as-a-Service offers. Deliver added value that is understood not just by IT experts but also by decision makers in business groups. Because these are now key drivers of digital transformation.

Increase security

The EASY Cloud Platform provides extremely high availability. Thanks to the high-end cloud servers in ISO-certified German data centers, you and your customers will benefit from high resiliency against failure, and availability.

Heating service: Optimally synchronized

A service and maintenance app developed with and operated on the EASY Cloud Platform makes it easier for a heating manufacturer to focus on their core business. Because as a communications hub, it hands out maintenance jobs, logs the work, makes sure replacement parts are available and sees to it that all data are stored in the in-house systems. The field service and back office no longer have to struggle with paper-based processes. Everyone always has access to the latest information – regardless of location. Want more efficiency and process security? No problem with the EASY Cloud Platform!

Diversity finally connected

A US company with a variety of subsidiaries and almost as many ERP systems set up a uniform, automated invoice receipt workflow for all locations with a solution on the EASY Cloud Platform. With it, the accounting system runs faster, more efficiently and more transparently – with reduced costs. The EASY Cloud Platform was chosen, because it ideally integrated the various ERP systems. The local departments continue working with their familiar ERP – and leave the automated invoice management to the solution on the EASY Cloud.

EASY Cloud Platform

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