SaaS from the Cloud

Lower investment. More flexibility.

Use a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from the Cloud or purchase an on-premises license? Expert decision makers are confronted with this question more and more often. And the Software-as-a-Service solutions from EASY Cloud are especially powerful examples of what is possible on demand. With SaaS, EASY enhances the classic on-premises model and makes companies more agile and more efficient than ever. EASY takes care of the entire infrastructure. Applications and app data are stored securely and highly available in the EASY data center. Discover the key to higher productivity, better teamwork with employees, and closer networking with customers and suppliers: SaaS solutions from EASY.

SaaS solutions from EASY: Your advantages

You reduce your investment costs – you lease the software instead of purchasing it and can get by without your own server infrastructure.

You are no longer burdened with operation and maintenance. That way, you minimize the total cost of ownership significantly.

The software is ready to use more quickly than with complicated installations in the company.

You always work with the latest version, because EASY handles all the updates.

You gain flexibility and freedom – and can focus completely on your core business.

Strong solutions. For strong business.

What does SaaS from EASY mean? The answer is stronger business. The following standard SaaS solutions from the EASY Cloud will already optimally support your business processes and make you more independent, faster and stronger. All applications can also be configured to your requirements with no trouble – and tailored SaaS solutions for your custom processes can be developed with the help of the EASY Cloud Platform.

Archiving with EASY: Intuitive, fast and legally compliant.

The archiving of business data and documents is one of the most important obligations a company has. With SaaS solutions from EASY, that happens legally compliant, simply and efficiently.

EASY Cloud Archive

Preconfigured and immediately usable: the EASY Cloud Archive is based on the archive solution from EASY and guarantees the legally-compliant digital archiving of data which are tax-related and subject to mandatory retention.

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Exchange Email Archiving

Email archiving from EASY builds on many years of experience with Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Exchange. Use our Exchange online archive to back up your e-mail regularly and automatically. Use it as an SaaS solution – at fixed monthly prices, can be terminated at any time.

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Faster, more efficient, better networked – thanks to process automation.

More and more companies in more and more industries are using intelligent process automation and workflows to optimise their business processes. With the right SaaS solutions from EASY, small and large companies can make more of their available resources. Without major investments, with few personnel and at lower costs.

Customer success stories


LBBW‘s new customer portal offers a future-looking and smooth userexperience. According to Thomas Löffler, IT manager for LBBW‘s Commercialplatform, LBBW is extremely satisfied with the current statusof the project and the collaboration with EASY.

BKK Linde delegated customer concerns digitally

With the service app from BKK Linde, insured customers can now make customer data available on all channels in compliance with the data protection requirements. Insured customers can themselves decide when and where they provide the data.

BKK Linde digitizes the paper process family portfolio care

Accessing healthcare should be easy and on-demand and for those insured with the Linde Corporation’s Health Insurance, it is. BKK Linde built their newest digital service at startup speed while ensuring the project, and all future projects, will fulfill EU data privacy standards as well as special German insurance-data privacy regulations.


RheinEnergie’s SmartContracting application not only ensures a better customer experience, but also guarantees that high-quality data is made available digitally.

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