Employee Self Service

A really good idea

You can round out your human resources management perfectly with the self-service software for employees (Employee Self Service). That’s where you want to go as an HR manager: to state-of-the-art interfaces that offer individual responsibility and flexibility to managers and employees. That way, they can access and process their data themselves and initiate personnel processes.

Individual responsibility

  • For you, Software as a Service means lower expenditure
  • Productivity in HR management increases tremendously
  • More time for core tasks thanks to less pressure on HR employees

Instead of control

  • Improved quality of employee data
  • Satisfied employees, who are able to handle the processes quickly and on their own responsibility
  • Mobile access simplifies workflows

The functions at a glance


Whether vacation requests, career planning, skill development, booking training, or monitoring achieved goals and interactive performance recording – employees have easy access to their processes via self-service applications and can save themselves a trio to the HR department.

No media disruptions

While previously approvals had to be obtained by paper, phone or email, employees and managers now have a digital tool available where all activities can be quickly and easily requested and approved. If a company has several locations, that is an obvious advantage.

High acceptance

The Employee Self Service Portal is the epitome of modern work and goes along with the introduction of agile methods in the company. Thanks to self-services, you give employees a good deal of freedom, self-determination and flexibility.

Transparent and agile thanks to the digital self-service portal

Salary statements, which employees can receive as a download or by email, for example, can be integrated in the EASY Self Service Portal. Two nice side effects. All information is accessible to and can be viewed by employees from anywhere on mobile. And companies are spared the tedious and costly printing, conversion and sending of paper documents.

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Self Service Portal for modern HR processes
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